Dreaming with Farah Khan


Rizzoli New York has just published a precious book dedicated to the visionary philosophy of a sophisticated Indian jewelry designer, entitled: Farah Khan – A Bejewelled Life.
An extraordinary sequence of images combines with the protagonist’s own story, her artistic talent and her great life philosophy. Farah Khan belongs to an ancient family, from which she inherited her aesthetic and her values. Her creations are precious collections of high-end jewelry of unique intensity and elegance; in this book, she shares, through her poems, their symbolic value, which is the result of her in-depth search for beauty and of her strong spirituality.

The author of this beautiful book is Paola De Luca, a jewelry expert who has been studying the aesthetic and the consumption evolution of jewelry in the contemporary world for years. We asked her how did the idea for this book come about? Was it difficult to enter the inner world of Farah Khan and share her artistic vision?
As I mentioned in the book, it was difficult to translate into words and images what Farah communicates with extreme clarity and authenticity through her jewels. The book describes her physical and metaphysical journey through different eras and places, through the invisible, and through the contradictions of modern life. It is meant to be an open dialogue where the past, the present and the future are intertwined together, with different perspectives and cultures combining to create a magical vision of life.

We asked Farah Khan what prompted her to undertake her creative journey.
I would say the experience of life itself, which for me is a creative journey meant to acquire knowledge of objects, shapes, dimensions and materials, all of which led me to create my jewelry brand.
Every element of reality that surrounds me has a meaning that is expressed by its physicality; the interpretation of these symbols allows me to give life to different shapes and designs starting from the one that already exists: nature.
“Try to discover the world and you will find yourself, as I did, because only when you look for it you can find the answer…”

So what is the philosophy of your brand?
It is based on four fundamental elements: nature, architecture, ethics and love.
Four pillars like the sides of a rectangle, the aayat in Sanskrit, which represents the essence of security, stability, protection and peace.

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