The Ambassadress of made in italy Mariagrazia Cucinotta


An appointment with excellence in the magnificent Roman Penthouse of the Baglioni Hotel Regina, in Rome, with Ms. Anita Lo Mastro, advisor for the internationalization of Excellence Magazine’s partner brands, and an exceptional guest of honor, Mariagrazia Cucinotta.
Actress, producer, director and entrepreneur. Today we want to highlight the woman as a whole, more so than the actress.
“I’m a curious woman, I love life. Every morning I wake up and try to learn something new.
My zest for life allows me to live every moment to the fullest: I try not to let myself be distracted by speed, by the many things to do that make us lose sight of the main goal: living.”

What is your relationship with aging like?
I have recently reached the 50-year mark. Half a century for me marks an important milestone, it means that I have lived the first part of my existence and that now is time to start again with more awareness and experience, thanks to the life I lived, full of mistakes and, also, of beautiful things.
We fifty-year-olds have a story and we understand that we must put ourselves first. At our age we learn to love ourselves more.
Sometimes women refuse to admit their age, or they take years off, almost as if being fifty was something shameful. But actually, aging means appreciating what we receive every day, being at peace with ourselves. The passing of time brings with it charisma and charm. It’s a great life lesson. Women become more self-aware and self-confident.

But what about men?
Intelligent men do not believe that “beauty is youth” – this is a social conditioning that is typical of superficial men who only care about form and appearances, and not about substance.
We are better off without men like that.The passing of time brings and develops new and different synergies, it helps develop mutual understanding and empathy in relationships.

Even in the world of cinema, professionals such as directors and producers are mostly men. Is that why you chose to work as a producer as well as an actress? To debunk these stereotypes?
I want to say that I think intelligence has no gender – having skills, being capable is not a matter of gender. Moreover, if we always put males against females, we risk creating unhelpful competition.
A woman who decides to be the protagonist of her own life has no rival.

Work often takes you abroad, most recently to China.
With “Il Postino”(The Postman) I rose to prominence on the international scene: I lived in the States for 10 years, then, when I got pregnant with my daughter Giuli, I returned to Italy, because I wanted to make her grow up here, in this beautiful country. For the past 13 years I have been traveling to China, a wonderful, exciting country that really makes you understand what life is about and, above all, that you can make your goals come true.

What does excellence mean for Mariagrazia Cucinotta?
Excellence means Italy, talent, the creativity of Italians, their genius. I would like us all to be more aware of how beautiful our country is and how much more beautiful it could become.

Anita Lo Mastro, in closing, what are the next appointments for Excellence and the Baglioni Hotel?
We have planned two major events, one at the beginning of May, in Florence, and the other in London, at the end of the month, to promote Italian companies together with our institutional partners.
I think I can speak for our publisher, Luigi Lauro, when I ask Mariagrazia Cucinotta to be with us as the patroness of the London event.

So, can we get a promise from Mariagrazia?
I have already packed my suitcase, I am happy to be invited as an ambassador of Made in Italy.

From the left, Camilla Nata, Mariagrazia Cucinotta, Anita Lo Mastro © Maurizio Sacco.

text by Camilla Nata

Our editorial staff includes people with different professional backgrounds who share a passion for writing and who want to create and develop a dialogue with their readers and with the world.

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