The international Artistic Perfumery event features the very best of luxury perfumes.


Esxence – The Scent of Excellence, the international Artistic Perfumery event, is preparing its eleventh edition, scheduled to take place from 25 to 28 April 2019 in Milan at The Mall, the beating heart of the new Milan skyline. After celebrating its tenth anniversary last year, the event is now gearing up to face new challenges and welcome the international community of business operatives and aficionados in the name of the most authentic and refined olfactory culture.

The concept chosen for this edition is Inspiration Flow: a theme that reflects the essence of the event and of Artistic Perfumery. Inhale and inspire: both concepts are necessary when we talk about perfume, and both are able to plunge us into a flow of emotions, thoughts and memories. Inspiration Flow is the impulse that allows body and soul to create and realize something new; it is the instant when your mind clears and your thoughts flow easily in the right direction; the moment when you receive pleasure from what you do. Different manifestations of creative excellence come together, driven by the same passion and involved in the same activities, focused on the present and, at the same time, projected towards the future with a shared sense of growth. Esxence is the place where Artistic Perfumery shares and exchanges its energy and its inspiration.
Esxence is a place to meet and share ideas, but also a place to develop business opportunities.

At world level, Artistic Perfumery as a whole accounts for around 10% of the alcohol-based perfumery market. In Italy, the overall turnover for Artistic Perfumery crossed the €250 million mark in 2017, equal to 12% of the turnover for alcohol-based perfumery and to 2.5% of the total turnover for the Italian beauty sector.
“We believe that this event’s most important role is to give visibility and space to everything that, for decades, has been an important source of innovation and of stylistic and aesthetic research for perfumery and, for the last few years, also for cosmetics” says Silvio Levi, co-founder of Esxence and President of the Technical Committee.

“Every year, thanks to an accurate research and selection process, we are able to offer the public the finest examples of Artistic Perfumery”, adds Maurizio Cavezzali, co-founder of Esxence and President of Equipe International. “Esxence is a benchmark event for the rest of the world: this is where the sector’s most important players meet; this is where trends are decided and where the up-and-coming brands destined for fame make their debuts. Year after year, we continue to innovate and renew ourselves, building upon our wealth of experience and analyzing future trends.
This year’s most important news prove it: the Experience Lab and the Milan Fragrance Week are two important projects that we have worked very hard to develop. I’m sure that this year’s event will be hugely successful and give us new impulse to grow”.

The elegant setting of Villa Quarzo, just a few steps away from The Mall, will host the first edition of the Experience Lab, an event dedicated to the most important indie beauty brands and to the top cosmetics and cosmeceuticals brands.
Experience Lab is the first Italian B2B and B2C event where visitors can discover the most interesting new ideas in the beauty sector worldwide – a true ideas lab where the sector’s experts can learn all about the latest and most innovative ideas.

The first ever edition of the Milan Fragrance Week is scheduled to take place at the same time as the eleventh edition of Esxence, from 22 to 28 April. The goal of this event is to promote olfactory culture and interest in perfumes as an art form, while also exploring sectors such as art, music, technology, design and fashion. It will set the stage to create important meeting opportunities and to facilitate the exchange of ideas between different artistic, figurative, musical and olfactory expressions. The events will take place all over the city, especially in the Porta Nuova, Garibaldi and Brera districts, and will share the common leitmotiv of Inspiration Flow – a flow of creativity and inspiration that will spread out from Esxence and embrace the whole city.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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