Wave Murano Glass the innovative trend by Roberto Beltrami


Wave Murano Glass is composed of a small group of glass-blowers and glass experts led by the glass master and production manager Roberto Beltrami. They work in a recently renovated furnace on the Murano island.

Born in 2017, the company quickly drew attention on the market for its products originality and its capacity to create new shapes and concepts with an old material.

What makes a difference between Wave Murano Glass and other Murano furnaces, it’s being led by a glass master who is also a physics specialist. A great knowledge in materials dynamic and chemical and thermal reactions enabled Roberto Beltrami to find new solutions and also to improve ancient working techniques.

Silver Sprout

He did it for two classic methods of the Murano list called the Rubino Oro glass and the Opalino which were recently forbidden because of an excessive arsenic concentration. Studying and experimenting new options, Roberto Beltrami succeeded in finding a new formula which allows to create these arsenic-free glasses making them more “eco-friendly” without decreasing products artistic value.


Traditional tools used to create Murano glass are also on the innovative trend generated by Roberto Beltrami technical knowledge. An oven, where 10 crucibles simultaneously work, allows the use of many colours at the same time and makes possible a wider range of creative possibilities.

Today, the Wave Murano Glass team is composed of some of the most skilled artisans on the island. They were able to develop series of exclusive projects and capable to start profitable collaborations with all best furniture and design markets and every leading brand in the luxury sector as they all understood that Wave Murano Glass innovation is the perfect element to fulfil “glass” dreams.

In Murano, an island proud of its past, the birth of the unique and new Wave Murano Glass company represents a window opened on the future, a longevity guarantees for a tradition which needs “fresh air” in order to maintain its high reputation in the world.


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