BORSALINO and MOMENTI® The Exaltation of the Abstract Line


When art, fashion and design meet, unique projects are born capable of expressing and narrating modern Made in Italy creativity while reinterpreting the past.

This virtuous encounter between BORSALINO, one of Italy’s greatest historic brands, and the Italian Romagna-based company MOMENTI® that has made “custom design” a field of research and experimentation, has resulted in a rich dialogue between the two Maisons.

A special wallpaper series in fiberglass and fabric coverings for furnishing accessories have been inspired by two special BORSALINO designs, reinterpreted for the iconic Italian fashion Maison by the brand’s creative curator Giacomo Santucci.

The two themed subjects, “L’Albero della Vita” (The Tree of Life)and “Il Cardo” both hold profound symbolic meanings and have directly inspired the new BORSALINO illustrative universe and recent collections. Thanks to this project with MOMENTI®, an unprecedented declination has also now found its way into the luxurious “Home Industry.”

The sensitivity of Giuseppe Borsalino

explains Giacomo Santucci

was close to the great artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries who he loved beyond measure. He was struck by the comic, the satirical, liberated fantasy, the dreamlike, joy of living, friendship, love, women and nature. This is represented by the contrast between black and white in a dialectic of marked lines and slight pointillism, figures without relief, stylized and symbolic and therefore even more present

Luxurious, elegant and almost reflective: The Tree of Life symbolizes not only the relationship with nature, which is the very essence of Art Nouveau, but also the beginning of a new life supported by firm roots and the “robustness” of a strong “heritage.”

As an important symbol of Scottish origin (the Order of the Cardo is second in importance only to the Noble Order of the Garter), the Cardo summarizes different meanings: the pride of rebirth, the path and the right direction to follow (the Roman cardo maximus), the thirst for knowledge and the romantic value of love.

In the symbolism of the great fin de siècle illustration that characterizes these drawings

commented Alexander and Matteo Bagnai owners of MOMENTI®

we found a common ground of research and sensitivity that we first explored to pay tribute to the genius of BORSALINO, and then developed in further graphic and emotional paths with stylized and symbolic forms enhanced by the abstract line

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