Camila Falquez: Humanidad Aqui Arriba


Two bodies intertwine seamlessly in a timeless dance in the photographic project Humanidad Aqui Arriba created by Camila Falquez.

Camila Falquez is a photographer who started her career in the field of street style, then devoted herself entirely to the world of fashion and built a unique circle of customers. She also develops and creates personal projects, including Humanidad Aqui Arriba.

Two naked female bodies with two different skin colors touch, intertwine and merge, without any limits, without any boundaries, creating ethereal images that represent the values of harmony and unity.

The elegance of their movements reflects the endless hours of dance lessons taken by Camila as a child, which made her see the human body as an artistic instrument.

Humanidad Aqui Arriba is accompanied by the words of Spanish poet, Leticia Sala:

I raise Beauty – humans, bones, skin – to which nothing else reaches. Here, there is no history, no narrative. No bones, no skin either.
Up here, I see matter fading. I see only intangibles – a singularity that does not distinguish between anything. Nothing.
And then – I stop understanding. I don’t want to understand. Understanding leads me to error.
Up here, I see only dead stars. Stellar clouds. Separated by light years but all the same always. Equality everywhere. The dance, they merge, they spread, they mix.
And ultimately, they disappear.”

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