Inspired by Sofia Loren and Giorgio Armani, the Molecola bottle wins prize in LA


Inspired by Sofia Loren and Giorgio Armani, the Molecola bottle wins prize in LA

The 90.60.90 glass bottle containing Molecola – the first 100% Italian cola, based on a late-19thcentury recipe from Piedmont that Francesco Bianco and Graziano Scaglia rediscovered – won the International Design Award (IDA) in Los Angeles, one of the major international recognitions that is bestowed on the best design projects every year.

Designed by Curve Creative Studio for Molecola and manufactured by Verallia Italia, the 90.60.90 bottle was selected out of more than 3 thousand projects from 95 countries by the international jury of the contest, which rewarded its original use of glass with twoGold Prizes for the Material Design and Manufacturing Design subcategories.

Conceived to enhance the peculiar qualities of the product within the food and beverage industry, 90.60.90 plays with curvy lines recalling the ‘50s divas’ body shapes. Its silhouette is clearly defined by the slim waist and generous hips of the actresses who contributed to create a precise image and myth of the Italian woman, in a sort of tribute to its all-time queen: beautiful Sofia Loren.

As Italian fashion is equally famous and successful, the design of this 33 cl bottle also aims at visually conveying the idea of a tailor-made object reminding of a great master’s art such as Giorgio Armani. The glass surface reproducing the weave of premium tweed, the label coming in the shape of a belt, and the crowned top reminding of a hat, all turn the bottle into the perfect container for this cola with a pure Italian heart.

This exclusive bottle successfully blends aesthetics and functionality thanks to its ergonomic, non-slip form that also takes convenience of use into account: on the lowest part of the bottle, its name Molecola 90.60.90 is written in Braille too, so it can be accessible to anyone.

The choice of glass was not merely esthetic either: as a completely odorless, safe and hygienic material, it preserves its unique qualities and thus represents a guarantee for customers, while launching a strong call to fight the use of plastics in defense of the environment.

We were absolutely excited about going to Los Angeles to pick up such a prestigious prize

said Francesco Bianco, Founder & Partner at Molecola.

We already had the feeling that our work with Curve Studio was of the utmost importance, but we would have never imagined to see it recognized by an organization as important as Ida is. It’s wonderful to represent Italy in the design world, where we have always played a leading role. Today, we feel stronger, and are more and more convinced that Molecola can ensure authentic Italian quality with its ‘good, beautiful and respectful’ products, as our motto states

Glass has always been one of the noblest materials in design history

commented Marco Gallo, Founder and Creative Director at Curve Studio

Rivaling the most iconic glass bottle in the world has been the most stimulating challenge we have faced in the last few years. Initiative and care for details were the winning ingredients of a project centered on the that beauty and style for which Italy has always been globally renowned. We’re immensely proud of receiving such a prestigious prize, which proves that we can now compete with the industry leaders

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