La Maison Plissée


La Maison Plissée is an incredible residence that’s located right in the center of the marvelous city of Paris. This innovative project features a steel mesh façade residence that call out for all the attention from the exterior.

La Maison Plissée is a very accomplished and innovative architectural project by the very well known architectural firm, Wild Rabbits Architecture (WRA). This pleated house consists on a steel mesh façade residence, located on the 14th arrondissement, right in the center of France’s capital.

la maison plissee

This is an innovative project due to its eccentric character on the façade, because as you know there are not many residences that embrace special exteriors.

Once a smaller house, it was demolished in order to optimize the size and adapt it to built a larger one, transforming it into La Maison Plissée. The most important element of this project is definitely the pleated elevation, where WRA used the steel mesh to create a spectacular façade, on the exterior of this exquisite residence. Although it doesn’t seem, it provides privacy to the residences, as well as establishes a creative exterior.

The exterior façade of La Maison Plissée is completely glazed, guaranteeing the privacy that common exteriors provide naturally. The space that’s between the mesh and the glazed façade also features an incredible garden zone, that spreads across seven floors, optimizing once again the space that was projected.

la maison plissee

This WRA residence is strategically divided over the floors, in order to attribute each with a different subject or function. To access these floors there’s an elevator available, and on the top floor there’s a mini penthouse where you can find the kitchen and outdoor patio. This patio shares a breathtaking view of the center of Paris, specifically around the 14th arrondissement.

la maison plissee

On the lower floors you’ll find the last but not least, areas such as living room, bedrooms and bathrooms. Although there’s not so much natural light on these areas as on the top floor, the bedrooms and living room share a much private and intimate vibe. Nevertheless, throughout the La Maison Plissée, you’ll find the most exquisite furniture and interiors.

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