The Ferrari 250 Gto, a historic racing car from the house of Maranello, is a work of art


The Ferrari 250 Gto, a historic racing car from the house of Maranello, is a work of art.

It is the first time that the protection of copyright has been recognized in a car. And it is no coincidence that the protagonist is a car of the Cavallino, if we consider that the Museum of Moder Art (Moma) in New York organized an exhibition at the beginning of the 1990s with the protagonists of the Rossa models and a car for competition the F1-90 is among the six cars that have become part of the historical collection.


It was the Court of Bologna, a section specialized in business matters, that accepted a complaint lodged by Ferrari to protect the car’s design from an imitation.

The marked customization of lines, shapes and aesthetic elements, according to the Court, have made the Ferrari 250 Gto a unicum of its kind, a true automotive icon.

The artistic value of the form of design has found objective and general recognition in numerous awards and official attestations, publications and in exhibitions in exhibitions and museums also as sculpture.

The 250 Gto was built in its final version by the famous Sergio Scaglietti bodybuilder in the early 1960s. 36 copies were made. It is the most expensive car ever: the exemplary 3413 GT of 1962 was sold at Sotheby’s auction, as part of the Monterey Car Week 2018, at a record price of over 48 million dollars.

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