The Venice Fashion Week inaugurates the Sustainable Fashion Day


Running for ten days between October 17thand 26th, the next Venice Fashion Week will also introduce the “Sustainable Fashion Day”, scheduled for Saturday 23rd.

Host at Ca’ Sagredo, its inauguration will include a panel discussion titled “Uk-Italy: Lessons in Sustainable Fashion”, plus an evening event. Both meetings will focus on sustainable fashion, and on the education of future designers and customers.

As they are organized by Venezia da vivere in partnership with the British Consulate General and the London College of Fashion, both Italian and British scholars ad experts will take part in the roundtables, alongside young creators including Tiziano Guardini and Patrick McDowell.

The event was presented at Ca’ Sagredo before the organizers of the Fashion Week Laura Scarpa and Lorenzo Cinotti, the city councilor for tourism and the regional councilor for education, training and employment, as well as the British Consulate’s head of fashion and creative industries Marina Iremonger, the London College of Fashion’s director Frances Corner Obe, businessman and designer Piergiorgio Silvestrin, and Rodolfo Bevilacqua, president of the namesake textile firm.

Events like these are crucial to Venice

said the city councilor

as they teach us to take advantage of the interesting hints they give us when determining our policies. Over the years, the Venice Fashion Week has grown to shape a format we now like: its ten days burst with events, just as the Venice Glass Week, and we hope this will happen for a future Venice Food Week as well, so that the city can become a reference for the whole sector, among the most strategic ones for the Italian production system

As for the specific goals of the Sustainable Fashion Day, it will focus on the social and environmental impact of the fashion supply chain, and will explore solutions regarding the education of future designers, while stressing the need of encouraging everyone to adopt responsible shopping behaviors.

The councilor insisted on the fact that

this same approach is followed by Venice itself, as the city has launched the international campaign #EnjoyRespectVenezia to raise awareness of sustainable tourism among present and future visitors. But it can apply to any sector, because only awareness and knowledgecan make a difference. Fashion sustainability is part of our vision of contemporary reality, and it’s important that it’s much more talked about today than it was just a few years ago

The presentation closed on the specific needs that have been rising in Italy in the last few years, and in Veneto in particular, which has been trapped in a worrying short-circuit: high-fashion firms receiving orders from all over the world have experienced more and more trouble in finding qualified professionals able to work on their products.

The Venice Fashion Week also aims at re-launching Venice and the Veneto region through premium craftsmanship, by closing the gap between young professionals and the fashion system, a sector that can generate employment in different areas.

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