Disegno Mobile: the latest frontier in responsible luxury


Disegno Mobile is a new brand of Italian handcrafted, sustainable design, the latest frontier in responsible luxury to have recently entered the market.

We met with founder and designer Gabriella Rossi.

Where does Disegno Mobile come from?

Disegno Mobile was born of an idea I came up with a few years ago. After my twenty-year experience in home interior design, I thought of creating an essential, linear collection that would recall the 50s’ Scandinavian style, and combine eco-sustainability and multi-functionality. My project started to take shape in late 2018, when I discussed it with Alessandro Tamborini, who had just joined Pelty Srl. Together with his partners, he decided to invest in my idea, and today it’s reality.

Why did you name it “Disegno Mobile”?

The word “disegno” recalls the act of drawing in itself, which is essential, clean, extremely simple on purpose. “Mobile” refers to the Italian tradition of furniture making, and to the fact that furniture is literally mobile within the space where it stands. A basic name that immediately conveys the brand’s essential values.

Disegno Mobile

Which are these values?

As I said, design, sustainability, crafting quality, and respect for work. All Disegno Mobile products are sustainable, which means they are made of solid oak wood sourced from controlled reforestation areas. For us, this is a way to value our past, live our present, and think of building our future. Finishings are created with adhesives based on water, oil and natural wax, and coating is also made of natural fibers such as linen or jute, while our table set is in ceramics, a prestigious material made from the earth. Every item is then handcrafted by local artisans from Lombardy and Piedmont, who create each piece with great care and dedication.

Disegno Mobile

What’s featured in the first collection you’ve launched?

Our first collection – Forest Collection – is centered on the living area, but not in a narrow sense. As I mentioned, one of the qualities of our products is multi-functionality, because they can suit different spaces and environments – while they’re perfect for home interiors, they are also ideal for offices and hospitality venues. In Forest Collection, no piece stands out from the others, but they all uniformly fit into the concept: tables in different sizes and coffee tables, chairs and armchair, a book shelf and coat hanger, modular shelves and storage cubes, a floor lamp, and a ceramics table set with tray. Several models, like the tables, shelves and bookshelf, are customizable.

Disegno Mobile

Why have you opted for customization?

For us at Disegno Mobile, individual wellbeing is essential, and customization allows our clients to meet their spatial, aesthetical and comfort needs. Our goal is to create versatile furniture, perfectly in line with the necessities of those who live them every day. Personal health and wellness are key to our business, and we believe that we can only achieve them by fully respecting people and the environment they live in.

Disegno Mobile

What’s in store for Disegno Mobile’s future?

Lots of projects, what we can say for now is that we’re already developing a new collection for the night area, and a textile range.

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