Just like any other room of the house, the bedroom is a place where you should get your lighting right. This is important not only because of the visual aspect but also for functionality purposes. Light has incredible power, it can set the mood, it can transform your ambiance and it can help you with your daily tasks.

One of the easiest ways to save space on your nightstand is to use pendant lights in place of bedside lamps.Using pendant lighting offers many benefits when it comes to providing versatility. Today’s new designs and styles, pendant lighting can make it easier to add a little accent to any given room, because it comes in so many different shapes, colors, and styles.

Every bedroom deserves a comfortable chair and if that chair has a tall floor lamp beside it, like these amazing rooms, you’ve created a wonderful spot to sit and read, or merely sit and think.

This kind of lamp can transform the whole room because you can use floor lamps to create a romantic mood, to illuminate your favorite spot, provide convenience at bedtime, highlight a dark corner, reinforce the bedroom’s theme and even to express your personal style.

Wall sconces are a great way to save space in a tiny bedroom, like the one shown here. The bedroom truly deserves to look it’s very best. Since it’s the room where you leave your worries behind and come to rest and recoup, the decor elements should be such that they offer solace and visual delight to your eyes. Bedroom lighting plays an essential part in lending substance and personality to a room’s decor, and the right lamps are the best way to enhance a bedroom’s beauty.

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