The historic London Townhouse from Jaques Grange


Jacques Grange is a top French interior designer that stands out for his incredible and eccentric projects within the interior design. Perfectly embodying his design identity, the interior designer delivers the most bold settings, that it would be an absolute dream come true for every interior design aficionado.

Observe this London townhouse, located in King’s Road in Chelsea, an absolute wonder for every home owner. With over a hundred years, this place still looks good as it was new, standing with an elegant façade.

For example, in this dining room you can admire a mixture of Mid-Century style, with a modern twist through some colored details. There are also some green details that also transform the perspective and take you an harmonizing space.
Jacques Grange was the interior designer behind this amazing home styled décor, that shares early 20th Century floor and wall on the entrance wall.

At this kitchen you can easily see the resemblance with the Mid-Century décor, through the overuse of the wooden pieces of furniture, and a range of warm tones across it.

In this amazing living room you’re surrounded by different colors and shapes, through the pieces of furniture that are available around it. From the pattern armchairs, to the live colored sofas, you can also meet live colors on some pieces that perfectly stand out from the combination. It’s like an explosion of colors that proves that the more is more, and less is a bore!

This mix and match of these colors doesn’t stop and in fact, Jacques Grange takes it to another level and explores new colors and shapes that transcend what’s normally standard in common interior design.

The interior design insists on the breakthrough on design, challenging himself every time, throughout his professional journey.
Besides the amazing range of colors and patterns across the London Townhouse, you can sense amazing high-quality materials and fabrics. High-class materials such as velvet, wood are establishing a strong presence in this grand space. This project is just one sneak peek from the large spectrum projects you can see from Jacques Grange.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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