Third triumph for Raffaele Lauro’s biographic novel on the world of fragrances


Third triumph for Raffaele Lauro’s biographic novel on the world of fragrances, dedicated to great master perfumer Maurizio Cerizza, creator of the “septimontium ii” collection.

A burning early summer afternoon in Rome’s historic center. In the solemn, majestic Sala Capitolare of Palazzo della Minerva, seat of the Italian senate, a crowd of prestigious personalities from Rome, Naples and even Milan gathered to welcome with enthusiast, thunderous applause high-caliber speakers and guests.

An extraordinary attendance that marked the third triumph – surely the most significant after Milan and Sorrento’s presentations – for Raffaele Lauro’s new biographic novel “L’Universo delle Fragranze” (the universe of fragrances), dedicated to the artistic deeds of great master perfumer Maurizio Cerizza.

Raffaele Lauro
Raffaele Lauro

The presence of master Cerizza himself, together with several enthusiasts of Lauro’s writing, attracted lovers of premium, niche, sophisticated perfumery. Maurizio Cerizza is known and appreciated both in Italy and on the international scene: a true cultured and elegantmagister, and a spiritual guide for new generations, whose personal and professional qualities and talents are glorified in Lauro’s novel.

L'universo delle Fragranze

Massimo Milone, director of Rai Vaticano, led the debate with his usual prowess, and traced the complex profile of the author, now at his 16thnarrative work, as well as the speakers’ direct and indirect ties to the world of fragrances and the novelist himself. In a preface to the book, Andrea Casotti, CEO at CFF Spa – Creative Flavours&Fragrances, one of the major international producers of premium fragrances – retraced the crucial moments of his friendship with Lauro and fashion designer Mauro Lorenzi, thus analyzing in detail all production processes starting right from the essentials: master perfumers’ creativity. Massimo Papi, famed dermatologist, painter and president of the DermArt association, explained the mysteries of olfaction, skin odors and skin reactions to fragrances, unveiling elaborate scientific concepts in a language accessible to everyone.

Raffaele Lauro

Designer Mauro Lorenzi deeply moved the audience with his passionate accounts of excellence perfumery and his fascinating collaboration with master Cerizza to the creation of his latest collection of seven fragrances, “Septimontium II”.

Award-winning movie director Alessio Nuzzo mentioned the upcoming publication of a new essay of his to introduce the history of the relationship between cinema and fragrances, as well as the latest cinema experiments that will soon lead to connect the emotions stirred by images and music with feelings born of our own olfactory memory.

A roaring crowd met the clear, direct words in which Stefano Dominella, president of Maison Gattinoni Couture and one of the protagonists of international high fashion, detailed the modern relationship of major fashion brands such as Gucci with perfumery and cosmetics, now a huge part of fashion labels’ finances.

He also revealed how Lauro’s work, which he defined exquisite, inspired him. Vincenzo Scotti, director of Link Campus University in Roma, whose political history matches the history of the republican democracy in Italy, admitted that reading this novel by his former Head of Cabinet at the Italian Ministry of the Interior showed him a whole new world, as he would have never imagined that a prefect could create such a fine work. He also stressed how he was continuously amazed at Lauro’s narrative choices, pretexts for essays on painting, music, dance and now, fragrances.

Raffaele Lauro

Scotti encouraged Lorenzi to pursue the path he has taken with determination. Roaring applause met the brief but meaningful, highly anticipated speech by Maurizio Cerizza, who reaffirmed his creative philosophy: either a fragrance is a work of art, or it is nothing. He praised Lauro’s novel as an ode to freedom, to his love of nature, the arts, beauty, family and his own work. The author thanked his bold audience and all speakers for defying the Saharian weather in order to attend the presentation, and just like Cerizza, he confessed universal love has been his source of inspiration for all his narrative works. Everyone greatly appreciated the final olfactory trial of the seven new fragrances by Mauro Lorenzi Profumi.

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