La Maison Du Caviar: Luxury Restaurant Designed by OITOEMPONTO


La Maison du Caviar opened in 1956 in Paris, created at the time as an institution by the importer Caviar Volga, urged by His Majesty the Shah of Iran who was anxious to have a luxurious Parisian casing for savoring Iran’s famous caviar, for which he had granted exclusivity.

This elegant and prestigious address has for decades attracted regular Parisian customers and an international clientele, who comes here to savor caviars of the best provenance, as well as smoked fish and other products of excellence.

La Maison du caviar Paris main entrance

La Maison du Caviar is a luxury restaurant, better described as the chic of the Orient Express and the dashing glamour. A contemporary restaurant that in 2018 got reinvented by the two interior designers Jacques Bec and Artur Miranda, and that turned out to be a hymn to timeless luxury.

La Maison du caviar Paris fine dinner saloon

Beginning with the reception area, between walls of travertine and pleated varnished iroko woodwork, a frosted glass sturgeon dominates the counter and the iconic luxury bar, an invitation to enjoy sparkling champagne bubbles and beads of caviar. The authentic sinuous black melamine curve of the 50s has kept its little red lights and unfurls under a ceiling shaped as an immaculate stucco wave, studded with golden stars.

La Maison du caviar Paris

The benches are upholstered in very 60s style pearly mica velvet, and the stools dot the bar like so many golden studded velvet tambourines. On the floor, a carpet whose waves resonate with the ceiling imitates the colors of the «Rosso Levante» marble of the steps that lead to the luxury restaurant.

The best part of this project in this luxury restaurant has to be the dining room, a place immersed underwater, almost like a real-life aquarium thanks to exclusive pieces that resemble the ocean life.

La Maison du caviar Paris

Beige wool tweeds and copper wire for the benches, sea-urchin ceiling lights, coral sconces by Hervé Van der Straeten, exclusively made for OITOEMPONTO upholstered benches and stools fabricated in velvet, everything is thoroughly thought of to enjoy caviar in the most luxurious way.

La Maison du caviar Paris sea decoration

The «mosaic of marbles» Tuscan carpet, the glass sconces of Californian crystal Plexiglas, the entirely gold-leaf-gilded ceiling and cornice create a perfect combination with the tones of the second salon.

This new interior design of La Maison du Caviar had the intention to reconnect with its original traditions of having the clientele over to savor caviars of the best provenance, as well as smoked fish and other products of excellence, and OITOEMPONTO did great justice to this luxury restaurant located in the heart of the Golden Triangle of Paris, this modern restaurant enhances everything that is great about fine dining.

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