Milano Gallery Weekend: MADE4ART gallery in Milan


We met with Vittorio Schieroni and Elena Amodeo, managers of the MADE4ART gallery in Milan.

MADE4ART is an exhibition space located in Milan, in the Tortona district. Managed by Vittorio Schieroni ed Elena Amodeo, it was inaugurated in October 2012 with a personal exhibition by Lombard artist Marco Lodola. Over the years, MADE4ART has hosted and curated exhibits by Italian and international artists and designers, including photographers Ennio Vicario, Kim Dupond Holdt, Alessandro Vicario, Pio Tarantini, Paolo Bongianino, Giancarlo Fabbi, Stefano Degli Esposti, Stefano Tubaro and Andrea Tirindelli and artists Shuhei Matsuyama, Josine Dupont, Sergio Armaroli, Alessandra Angelini, Andy and Thomas Masters.

Andrea Tirindelli, Oltre il visibile della natura, stampa fotografica, 72x102 cm

MADE4ART has also worked on several projects related to photography, its flagship sector: it has taken part in fairs like Arte Fiera Bologna, Mia Photo Fair, Affordable Art FairMilano and WopArt Lugano, and has organized exhibitions for industry events such as Photofestival and MilanoPhoto Week.

Andrea Tirindelli, Oltre il visibile della natura, stampa fotografica, 65x97 cm

MADE4ART is actively involved in cultural events like Giornata del Contemporaneo (Day of Contemporary Art), promoted by AMACI, Festival 5 Giornate: Cinque Giornate per la Nuova Musica, the Milan Design Week in the Tortona area and now the MGW. Throughout its activity, MADE4ART has also collaborated on artistic projects in and out of Milan together with businesses, institutions and public and private bodies including the University of Milan, Regione Lombardia), Banca Generali, Azimut Consulenza Sim, the Consulate General of Austria in Milan, the Consulate General of Bolivia in Milan, TIM Space and Olivetti.

Andrea Tirindelli, Oltre il visibile della natura, stampa fotografica, 65x75 cm Andrea Tirindelli, Oltre il visibile della natura, stampa fotografica, 60x75 cm

Which tools are available today to reach the public?

MADE4ART’s main asset is its direct contact with visitors and collectors and the strong relationship of trust it has built with them through the years. In order to expand its customer base, it also recurs to the main social networks and relies on an intense communication activity. In 2018, was launched,a collector-oriented website that displays the best artists we showcase and features their paintings, photographs, sculptures and installations.

Of all the artists you’ve covered along the years, which has been most appreciated by the public?

Speaking of the past few years and particularly of the fair sector, the public has shown great interest for photographers Stefano Tubaro, Kim Dupond Holdt and Stefano Degli Esposti.

How do you see the art market today in Italy, and in Milan in particular? 

Although the situation is not easy, it has recently shown signs of vitality, especially in Milan and in the photography field.

Milano Gallery Weekend: which opportunities can these events offer?

We are excited to join Milano Gallery Weekend and we’re certain it will enhance Milan’s art events calendar with interesting, relevant additions. MADE4ART takes part in projects of this kind to build new relationships and give visibility to its business and artists.

What will your vernissage feature?

For this edition of Milano Gallery Weekend, MADE4ART will hold a personal exhibition by one of its main photographers, Andrea Tirindelli, titled “Oltre il visibile della natura” (“Beyond visible nature”) and presented at a cocktail scheduled for October 11 at 18:00, which the artist himself will attend. The exhibit is a sharp reflection on how the multiple forms of nature communicate with each other and are at the same time part of a unique, indissoluble unit.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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