Milan is gearing up to host the 12th edition of Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event, the world’s most important exhibition in the field of Artistic Perfumery and an exclusive showcase of the finest craft production, set to be staged from 16 to 19 April 2020 and this time to be hosted for the first time in the top-end design venue of MiCo, Milano Convention Centre, the throbbing heart of the CityLife District.

Inside this location, a renewed itinerary will be set up to generate an immersive experience to discover this year’s new products.

Devised and created by a group of experts whose involvement in the niche fragrance sector can only be described as a passion, Esxence has always had the vocation of being an incubator for new trends in its DNA, giving itself a complete makeover year after year and in the process increasing the number of its participants by an average of 12% per annum, without ever losing track of its original mission to be the benchmark event for niche artistic perfumery at world level.

Esxence 2019 Gabriele Basilico

As a consequence of a detailed, attentive selection process curated by the Technical Committee, made up of a pool of internationally-renowned experts, every year Esxence offers business operatives and perfume lovers the finest brands on the market: an excellent array of interests for new businesses and fragrant discoveries that confirm the role now played by Milan as world Artistic Perfumery capital.

From its beginnings, featuring a handful of unique, quality brands hosted at Pelota, in the heart of Milan’s Brera district, the moving on to the Permanente in via Turati, whose artistic and conceptual reputation is renowned, then from the Triennale, one of the host venues of the Expo and one of the city’s leading cultural and creative institutions, to The Mall, in the midst of the Milanese skyline at Porta Nuova, the event has now moved to the new CityLife District, which blends two souls that have become so vital to Milan in recent years: design and art.

Esxence 2019 Gabriele Basilico

Just a stone’s throw from the new CityLife park and the audacious contemporary architecture of the Three Towers that bear the imprimatur of archistars Zaha Hadid, Arata Isozaki and Daniel Libeskind, the event will take place in parallel with Miart, the International Modern and Contemporary Art Fair, confirming Milan’s benchmark status in creativity, as acknowledged by artists, designers, collectors, art dealers and curators.

A veritable forge of innovation and of stylistic and aesthetic research in the field of perfumery, the event is now gearing up to face new challenges and welcome the international community of business operatives and aficionados in the name of the most authentic, refined olfactory culture. In the course of the event’s four days, long-established perfume houses, noses, researchers, operatives and aficionados will have the chance to take the plunge into the refined, magical world of artistic fragrances coming from every corner of the globe and starring in enticing, captivating stories.

As every year, Esxence will prepare a dense agenda of appointments, drawn up in partnership with Essencional, the International Study Centre directed by Silvio Levi, which will continue and expand on its presence, giving ample space to meetings, workshops, round tables and special subsidiary events featuring the world’s leading and most authoritative opinion leaders and experts, with the aim of promoting olfactory culture to professionals, stakeholders and the public at large.

Also timed to coincide with Esxence and held in the same venue of MiCo, Milano Convention Centre is the second edition of Experience Lab, the special event dedicated to research in the field of indie beauty, which follows up on thesuccessfulreception accorded to the 2019 launch edition by the public and business operatives, proposing a careful selection of new brands in a market segment that is still largely unexplored.

Building on last year’s runaway success, Esxence will also once again be paired with the second edition of the Milano Fragrance Week, which promotes olfactory culture and interest in perfume as an art form as a vehicle for stimulating a cultural opportunity for the city of Milan. Events, exhibitions, installations, workshops, concerts and interactive happenings will bring all the city’s coolest districts to life, promoting creative, multisensory experiences that induce us to discover our senses.

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