Mediterraneum Milan, Italian gastronomic identities and eco-sustainability


In Milan there is a new restaurant that with its cuisine wants to honor the Mediterranean flavors and tradition, favoring healthy and tasty eating through nutritious recipes made with healthy ingredients, the result of organic and sustainable cultivations from all over Italy.

It is Mediterraneum Milan, in the heart of the Isola area, in Via Ugo Bassi 8.

Mediterraneum Milan, as the name already reveals, is a brand that synthesizes and tells a precise idea, namely history and love for Italian cuisine and the Mediterranean diet, UNESCO’s intangible heritage. The project aims to convey the sense of taste and change the way of understanding food, trying to promote the different Italian cultural and culinary identities and, the typical and unique characteristics of the different Italian regions.

Inside there is the wood-fired oven for the “Pizza Gourmet” cooked only with ancient grains according to the most ancient traditions by the master pizza makers of AMPGourmet (Accademia Maestri Pizzaioli Gourmet of Naples), including Lorenzo Gazzillo trained at the Academy of Maestro Giuseppe Vesi (partner of Mediterraneum Milan).

mediterraneum restaurant milan

The “Gourmet Cuisine” of the Chefs Gennaro Galasso and Mattia Duro offers an express cuisine based on fish and selected meats; moreover, the “Teca dei Vini”, with wines and spirits selected from the best Italian and world producers; the “American Bar”, where distillates and cocktails are prepared.

We are selectors of typical products, gourmet cooks, expert discoverers of excellence too often forgotten but able to excite

stated Davide Rafanelli, creator and owner of Mediterraneum

In this adventure our heart guides us, and this allows us to offer our Customers all over Italy and the world products and a kitchen with unique and inimitable characteristics

The spaces, spread over 400 square meters with garden, want to bring the customer to relive those genuine and traditional values ​​that are offered with the dishes. The setting is dominated by warm tones that recall the colors of nature and there is no lack of green corners, even indoors.

mediterraneum restaurant milan

The details, in fact, have been studied with the designers of the studios ZPS Design and Verde Passione who have chosen to recreate a green Mediterranean oasis with the use of moss, a particular lichen that filters the air. All the wood in the restaurant is recycled, non-toxic and eco-sustainable paints with a high concentration of water.

Mediterraneum Milan, in the heart of the Isola area, in Via Ugo Bassi, 8

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