A choppy yet positive week

Last week was not particularly eventful neither for equities as whole nor for luxury stocks specifically The only remarkable piece of news recorded was once again to be found within the US market where the S&P 500 managed to close for the first time above the 3000 threshold

Giovanni Malagò, the excellence of italian sport

Anita Lo Mastro, Senior Advisor of Excellence Magazine Luxury, and Camilla Nata, RAI journalist, interview Giovanni Malagò, President of CONI and Italian excellence.

A roaring week for luxury stocks

Last week was probably the best so far in 2019 for luxury stocks. It can be seen from our billboard how only on stock in our group managed to record a loss for the past 5 days of trading. More often than not the rest of the bunch clinched...

Master Artisans, a new perspective

The Michelangelo Foundation aims at preserving, enhancing and encouraging arts and crafts through a major exhibition in Venice.

Trendy colors for the Fall/Winter season according to DelightFULL

DelightFULL has a suggestion to bring to your fall/winter home experience some luxury and glamour. You’re invited to our mid-century winter party with the main characters of this period that will present you the Pantone´s key colour trends 2018.

Whispering Hair and Hossegor: the new fragrances by Avery Perfume Gallery and A Lab On Fire

Avery Perfume Gallery is releasing Whispering Hair, a new line of products that adds a gentle and embracing scent to hair, while also reducing the tedious effects of static electricity. Whispering Hair products are non-aggressive, thanks to their alcohol-free formula that respects the texture and biological composition of hair. It...

PeelPie: natural bubbles in Champagne style

PeelPie Grain Beers is inspired by the atmosphere, creativity, design, colors, and exclusivity of the boutiques of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, by the ancient and refined taste of the lands of the Romagna and by the distinctive elegance of the Italian tradition. These exclusive, innovative and completely natural Grain Beers are characterized by their...

Baglioni Hotels: the new formula of Italian hospitality

Meeting with Guido Polito – Managing Director of Baglioni Hotels Group – and Ms. Lo Mastro who has been combining synergies between Excellence and Baglioni Hotels for years, at Hotel Carlton Baglioni in Milan. Mr. Polito, what is Baglioni Hotels’ philosophy? Baglioni’s philosophy is based on hospitality the Italian way. We are the only luxury group...

At the Monaco Yacht Show Ferretti Group reveals the projects of the Super Yacht Yard

Latona 50, the new powerful and dynamic masterpiece by CRN, is the star of Ferretti Group's fantastic fleet at the 28th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show. The fleet is completed by three models of incomparable beauty: the semi-displacement Custom Line Navetta 42, the planing Custom Line 120', and...

Fibers. Textile recycled in food and fashion industries

The Teatro Espace, on the occasion of Terra Madre and Salone del Gusto, has presented the project Fibers textile recycled in food and fashion industries. The event, held at the Teatro Espace in via Mantova 38 in Turin on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd September, included talks, presentations and product...