From Africa, to the Americas and Asia, Venetian pearls have always been considered precious commodities and a symbol of regality. Indeed, the pearl is the image of purity and symbolises the primordial formation of matter through spirit. The pearl holds an important place in our imagination: from its status as

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] An extraordinary and beguiling perfume, Figment is the highly anticipated third chapter of ‘Portraits of Life’, an exuberant exploration of the second cycle of the Amouage narrative by Creative Director Christopher Chong. An expression of elusive beauty inspired by Chong’s enduring fascination with Bhutan, the Land of Happiness, this scented

More and more women want to have a prosperous and provocative breast, such as stereotypes and figures that are conveyed by our society, for the desire to believe more in themselves and feel more provocative and pleasing for the outside world. With the passage of time, many techniques have taken place,

Since 2008, Esxence - The Scent of Excellence is the leading international event dedicated to Artistic Perfumery, the opportunity for both operators and enthusiasts to meet the real protagonists of a fascinating world of fragrances, where history and tradition join innovation and research.Excellence Magazine always close to the excellence, is proud to

The materials that compose a perfume are what makes its richness. Molinard disrupts the perfume world to show freedom, surprise and audacity. Following its pioneering spirit, its fragrances explore new lands. The perfumer signs an ode to the imaginary and mythical, magnetic and powerful sensuality. Absolutely modern, decidedly sensual, The Elements

Grossmith Parfume Excellence

Bouquets for refined noses, for princesses becoming queens, for queens celebrating their Diamond Jubilee. English perfume house Grossmith, located in the prestigious Mayfair area of London, creates fragrances that tell the story of important historic events. Its most famous scents include Victorian Bouquet, created for the Diamond Jubilee of Queen

Armani presents Fil Rouge, the new luxury fragrance for 2016 inspired by the Armani couture Spring Summer 2016 collection and its make up line. The SS 2016 fashion collection emphasises red, colourful patterns and details like the flame, gloss and geranium flowers. Joyful, casual yet bursting with glamour, the collection

Molinard has reinvented its art, revisiting an era filled with movement and excitement. The beginning of the 20th century was a reckless time when anything was possible - but above all it was characterized by a particular "air de vivre", bursting with precious moments. This is how three Eaux de Parfum,

HAYARI PARIS is starting a new olfactory chapter with the fragrance exuding from the pages of Eastern folk tales, like a Thousand and One Nights and Aladdin. Only the protagonists are now wearing modern French haute couture, designed by the mind and hands of stylist Nabil Hayari: Sheherazade, the Arabian

A new invitation to shine, a new addiction to satisfy again and again. Thanks to its hydra-plumping texture which combines 70% plumping-effect shimmering oils with hyaluronic acid spheres, the new Dior Addict Ultra Gloss is able to maximise lips’ volume in a completely natural way. This product guarantees three effects.


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