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#inArteChicco a new project made by Chicco Sabbatella

Through this project, I want to use art and communication to reflect on social issues, using and exploiting the natural curiosity that we all share, even though we are often distracted by life and its obstacles. I want to make my readers smile and promote a brief moment of light-hearted reflection through art and, why not, through #inartechicco, the name I chose for my column

Fabergé Style: Excellence Beyond Time

The Museum and Exhibition complex ‘New Jerusalem’ will host the opening of a large-scale exhibition, “Fabergé Style: Excellence Beyond Time”. The exhibition will feature more than 400 artworks, many of which have never been shown to the general public before. The Fabergé egg of 1904 stands out among others, not only for its rather large size, but also for the fineness of the artist, who produced six miniatures with portraits of Emperor Nicholas II, his wife and daughters. Its top and bottom is decorated with two large diamonds.

Nel Segno di Caravaggio: the new book of Stefano Zucchi printed by Skira

Painter and murderer on the solemn background of the Rome of the early seventeenth century, Caravaggio (1571-1610) is one of the most passionate and powerfully expressive artists: protagonist of a real Mediterranean Odyssey, but at the same time capable of revolutionizing the course of European painting

Bob Dylan fotografato da Jerry Schatzberg

Presented yesterday at the Feltrinelli bookshop in Milan the first book that brings together the iconic shots of Schatzberg made to Bob Dylan, at the height of his career: studio portraits, photographs in the recording room, rarities, concerts

I Castelli nell’Ora Blu: Jan Fabre at Galleria Building in Milano

The Galleria Building in Milan host the exhibition I castelli nell'ora blu by Jan Fabre, opening from 22nd November 2018. Curated by Melania Rossi, the exhibition will be enriched by some appendices in institutional spaces of the city of Milan, such as the Basilica of Sant'Eustorgio and the Portinari Chapel.

Amos Anderson Art Museum: the new Design Museum in Helsinki

Helsinki has unveiled its new design museum that’s located underground. Placed in the middle of Lasipalatsi Square, the Amos Rex Museum stands out for its five concrete windowed domes scattered through the square. The project started in 2013 when the Amos Anderson Art Museum started searching for a new space to expand from their 1920s-era office tower.

Dialoghi exhibition: Attilio Forgioli and Martina Antonioni

The “Dialoghi” (Dialogues) exhibition, curated by Emanuele Beluffi, opens on Thursday, Novembre 29 and features works by Attilio Forgioli and Martina Antonioni. This is the second in a series of exhibitions dedicated to the dialogue between masters and contemporary artists. Artists that differ in age and geographic location can still show certain common traits, a similarity in their artistic journey that can be traced back to figurative painting, which is not just the representation of an object, but also its interpretation. When we compare two artists’ works, we can notice the existence of what appears to be a constant cross-referencing dialogue that elaborates the legacy of classical and modern art in a contemporary way.

from MAGRITTE to DUCHAMP 1929: Great Works of Surrealism from the Centre Pompidou

The Fondazione Palazzo BLU, the Centre Georges Pompidou of Paris and MondoMostre have come together once again to present another major exhibition at the venue on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Fondazione Palazzo BLU. From MAGRITTE to DUCHAMP 1929: Great Works of Surrealism from the Centre Pompidou

Max Beckmann at the Museum of Art in Mendrisio

The Museum of Art in Mendrisio presents a great exhibition dedicated to Max Beckmann (1884-1950), one of the greatest masters of modern art, an artist who, with Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, appears in the most important museums in the world.

Romanticismo: the exhibition at Gallerie d’Italia and at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan

Milan – which at the time was the most “European” out of all the Italian cities – became one of the main centers of the Romantic Movement, both for the figurative arts and for the literary and musical arts. Art exhibitions, great collectors, publishing companies, theatres – including La Scala – come to mind, as well as personalities such as Foscolo, Manzoni, Rossini, Hayez and Verdi.