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Braque vis-à-vis

Until 14 July in Mantua the exhibition Braque vis-à-vis Picasso, Matisse, Duchamp, which continues the exhibition activity dedicated to the art of the twentieth century in Palazzo della Ragione

Wunderkammer Panza di Biumo. “L’arte dei piccoli oggetti”

Set up for the 58thedition of the Venice Biennale, the exhibition “Wunderkammer Panza di Biumo”features a series of small, intriguing objects gathered at the former store that Carlo Scarpa designed for Adriano Olivetti in 1958: scale models, instruments, mechanical inventions, and other rarities that Milanese art patron Giuseppe Panza di Biumo (1923-2010) collected, or received as gifts from the artists he held dearest

Kintsugi: imperfect beauty

Meaning literally “to repair gold”, Kintsugi represents the Japanese art of fixing and enhancing what is broken instead of throwing it away. This philosophy does not involve just objects, but also people, when they feel somehow “in pieces”

Venice and Lorenzo Quinn’s hands. “Dad inspires my art”

Six pairs of hands, 15 meters tall and 20 meters wide, a sort of mysterious portal at the Arsenale. It’s «Building Bridges», and just like the other hands in Venice, it’s a creation by sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, son of the great Anthony Quinn

Rebuilding – My days in New York 1959-2018 by Martino Marangoni

Rebuilding – My days in New York 1959-2018 collects pictures spanning about 60 years, selected from professional photographer Martino Marangoni’s archive. Taken in Lower Manhattan and complete with anecdotes and personal stories, these pictures are an extraordinary account of a rapidly evolving city and its street life

“La Maschera e l’Altro”: Armando Tinnirello on display at Manifiesto Blanco in Milan

Now in its 14thedition, Photofestival brings its fine-art photography back to Milan’s Manifiesto Blanco, whose spaces will welcome a site-specific project by Armando Tinnirello exploring the eternally central theme of the sacredness of creation, captured in luxuriant blooming nature

A monumental artwork for a monumental birthday: JR celebrates the Louvre Pyramid’s 30th anniversary

Designed by architect Ieoh Ming Pei, this huge glass and metal pyramid was long opposed by Parisians, who perceived it as an intrusion in the 18thcentury architecture of the palace. Despite all criticism, thirty years later, the Louvre Pyramid is internationally known as one of Paris’s symbols, and it is now hard to think of the French capital without it. The museum decided to celebrate its pyramid’s 30thanniversary in a fairly unusual way by involving French artist JR (Jean René), who came up with a monumental installation specifically created for the occasion

Florence celebrates Andrea del Verrocchio

From March 9th to July 14th 2019 Palazzo Strozzi celebrates Andrea del Verrocchio, symbolic artist of the Renaissance in Florence, through a large exhibition that houses over 120 works including paintings, sculptures and drawings from the most important museums and collections in the world such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Musée du Louvre in Paris, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Uffizi Galleries in Florence

Raffaella De Chirico Contemporary Art inaugurates Con Pura Forma

The concept of the exhibition is a careful selection of paintings linked to the Aesthetica cycle, now better recognized as the cycle of white skies; or rather a path that in these years has allowed the artist to pursue, even with new color and stylistic experiments, a study on the "classical" form of the landscape, an investigation that has the constant need to be represented in the form dreamy and sometimes imponderable what can be more concrete and too predictable: natural space

Fabergé Style: Excellence Beyond Time

The Museum and Exhibition complex ‘New Jerusalem’ will host the opening of a large-scale exhibition, “Fabergé Style: Excellence Beyond Time”. The exhibition will feature more than 400 artworks, many of which have never been shown to the general public before. The Fabergé egg of 1904 stands out among others, not only for its rather large size, but also for the fineness of the artist, who produced six miniatures with portraits of Emperor Nicholas II, his wife and daughters. Its top and bottom is decorated with two large diamonds.
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