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Art emerges from the lockdown: Gilbert & George’s provocations in Locarno

Gilbert & George.The Locarno Exhibition, curated by the same authors and Rudy Chiappini, is open until 18 October in the Casa Rusca museum in the Swiss city. 60 impressive and disruptive canvases, divided into five groups, review the works created between 2008 and 2016, including Beard Pictures, where Gilbert & George are depicted with the face and body of a bright red, shaded and inscrutable eyes, surrounded by barbed wire fences, often in front of a black background that evokes emptiness.

Art in the time of the pandemic. The retrospective dedicated to Edward Hopper, underway in Basel

Art in the time of the pandemic. The retrospective dedicated to Edward Hopper, underway in Basel, Switzerland, is a good example of how artistic fruition changes due to the measures of prevention of infection

Bob Krieger, greetings to the Maestro

Tireless and passionate, linked to the history of Italian fashion, Bob Krieger has interpreted a particular and always recognizable idea of ​​portrait and has represented Italian Style in the world, especially in the period from the sixties to the nineties

Reluctant to set the alarm during quarantine? Taking photos is a good reason to.

Way beyond a photography workshop, “Dalle 8 alle 8” (“From 8 to 8”) is a lifeline for your mind Laura Davì is a professional journalist and photo editor. In this period of uncertainty, Laura started a workshop based on strict rules to help you set the pace of your days: take a photo on the stroke of every hour, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Lots of people are participating, teenagers and adults, professional photographers and amateurs intrigued by the project, even in groups

New Challenges and Innovative Business Models for Contemporary Art

We had a chat with Francesco Badia, author of monographs and features for Italian and international magazines, professor of Cultural Economics and Management at the University of Ferrara, and an expert in the management of cultural systems

Fondazione Prada: #innerviews, a virtual visit to Liu Ye’s “Storytelling” exhibition

Inner Views was born, a virtual experience of learning and knowledge. "Storytelling" is a personal exhibition by Liu Ye created by Udo Kittelmann. The exhibition includes 35 paintings created by the Chinese artist from 1992 to today

Andrea Albanese, when art is at home

Many like art, but meeting the artist in the place where they live and work is a whole other experience. Just think of entering the industrial outskirts of Varese, Italy, a hilly area with several crumbling, disused buildings and other businesses still in place, a former railway line, and the Olona river flowing on the valley floor

The gallery owner Massimo De Carlo opens his fifth exhibition space. It’s a “Virtual Space”

Massimo De Carlo, opens a new space that can be visited by anyone in the world. A new virtual reality is inaugurated next to the galleries in Milan, London and Hong Kong. In a historical moment characterized by a lockdown that has frozen all types of economic activity and is forcing entire populations to stay at home, it might seem almost surreal to hear about the realization of new projects.

Design loves Milano

The fundraising online auction is a charity initiative spearheaded by creative agency Mr. Lawrence in collaboration with CAMBI AUCTION HOUSE. The lots on sale feature contemporary design by an incredible roster of international designers and dealers to benefit Ospedale Luigi Sacco in Milan.

Raffaello’s exhibition open the on line visit

The organizers of the great exhibition dedicated to the genius of Urbino offered the opportunity to take a walk inside the halls of the stables to admire some of the most beautiful works on display by Raphael, including La Madonna del Granduca of the Uffizi Galleries, Santa Cecilia from the Pinacoteca of Bologna, the Madonna Alba from the National Gallery of Washington, the Portrait of Baldassarre Castiglione and the Self-portrait with friend from the Louvre, the Madonna della Rosa dal Prado and the Veiled, again from the Uffizi