Scents of Normality: back to the fragrances we love

Who’s not missing the fragrances of the places we love most? We have all been longing for that particular scent, that blend of caramel, popcorn and velvet cinema seats, or the smell of the place where we used to meet our friends…

Tradition and innovation: new business models for Wave Murano Glass

Managing change in times of crisis is possible, by adjusting one’s business model, maintaining customer relationships, and finding alternative sales solutions is a travel and tourism information portal about Lugano, the City of Excellence, aimed at an exclusive and demanding clientele who always looks for the best that the world has to offer

Smartvillage Cloud: a new way of networking

A sort of “small world” where entrepreneurs with various backgrounds can meet to share their expertise and skills, but mostly to use their own networks to create a new hub, a peer community for mutual support during this quarantine, willing to commit to team up and collaborate when everything will start again

My Best Cakes, a Competition for Amateur Pastry Chefs

MY BEST CAKES is a competition for amateur pastry chefs who want to challenge each other with cream, chocolate and elaborate decorations

Even in the world of wine and spirits it is time for reconversion

Ramazzotti (Pernod Ricard group) also adapted to the trend and converted the production of its Canelli distillery (Asti), obtaining a disinfectant solution that was distributed and donated to Cri, Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, Municipality of Canelli and to Pernod Ricard Italia employees and suppliers

The traditional banister houses turn into stages where people sing and feel less lonely. Today are you “Mr Volare”?

For a few days now in Milan, noon and 6pm have been the time for applauding, toasting from window to window, playing ‘music’ on pots and pans, or collectively singing Nel Blu dipinto di Blu, the song that the world knows as Volare, winner of two Grammys and performed by artists like Barry White, David Bowie, Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Gipsy King, Dean Martin, and Pavarotti

“Mysterious Tango”: milonga with Roberto Herrera at Teatro Franco Parenti

The poetry of Tango and the charm of costumes will be meeting Saturday, February 23 at 9.30pm at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, where the playful passion and craziness of Carnival will go on stage with the Herrera Tango Academy

Divinatione, at the Milano Fashion Library

It will start tomorrow in the iconic location that houses the Milan Fashion Library, a documentation center that collects over 70,000 titles including national, international magazines, books, trend notebooks, lookbooks from the past to the contemporary, DVD/CD, the Divinatione event, promoted by Pietro Paradiso who oversaw the Artistic Direction

Valentine’s Day at THE VIEW Lugano

At THE VIEW Lugano, the celebration of Valentine's Day 2020 combines the expressive art of the Ticino artist Serena Maisto with the more exquisitely gastronomic one of the executive chef Mauro Grandi