Mary Poppins Returns

How do you make a sequel to one of the most beloved live-action children’s films ever? For several decades, the answer was: you don’t. Mary Poppins was released in 1964, but even though the source novel’s author PL Travers wrote seven further books about the Banks family’s magical nanny, no one attempted to follow a film that was, to use Mary’s own phrase, practically perfect in every way.

Pantone Announces Living Coral As The Colour of The Year 2019 

After 2018’s Ultra Violet, Pantone announced that the Colour of The Year 2019 is 16-1546 Living Coral.  For 20 years, Pantone’s Colour of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and industrial design, as well as product, packaging, and graphic design.

The Children for Peace Gala in Milan

The beautiful ballrooms of the Principe di Savoia Hotel hosted the event on Friday, November 30th, attended by the international jet set, once again united to support the programs of economic and food aid, school education and information on topics such as HIV and drugs, to give children and their families concrete and real life prospects.

The Top 5 of Cigar Humidors by Luxury Brands

Fine cigars need fine cigar humidors by luxury brands. The reason is easy to understand: the best humidors will keep your cigars fresh, with the original flavor and ready to smoke anytime you want, no matter where you live and what the humidity level might be. Cigar humidors cabinets by high-end brands are precious and essential accessories and glamorous safesif you enjoy tobacco products and you have a growing cigar collection.

Luxury Christmas gifts for your Pets

Natale si avvicina, ecco allora le nostre proposte per gli amici a quattro zampe, una gallery di oggetti curiosi, preziosi, speciali, come i nostri piccoli amici e qualche suggerimento relativo ad hotel di lusso che si sono specializzati nella accoglienza "pets"

In the heart of Milan, Jumbo Group redesigns Caffé Baglioni and Montenapoleone Terrace Suite

Jumbo Group and Baglioni Hotel Carlton, two excellences of Made in Italy in the furniture and hotel industry, for the first time together in a project that combines design and hospitality.  True expression of the Italian lifestyle, these two realities meet in a setting able to offer an immersive experience where furniture develops into a new concept of lifestyle, creating an innovative dimension of luxury. 

Body odours and niche perfumes

Una serata intrigante, colta e raffinata, affollata di personalità scientifiche della dermatologia, della farmacologia e della cosmesi, nonché di esponenti del mondo accademico, dell’informazione e del teatro, si è svolta a Roma nella storica sede dello “Spazio 5”, in via Crescenzio, sul tema “Gli odori della pelle e i profumi di nicchia”.

PeelPie: natural bubbles in Champagne style

PeelPie Grain Beers is inspired by the atmosphere, creativity, design, colors, and exclusivity of the boutiques of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, by the ancient and refined taste of the lands of the Romagna and by the distinctive elegance of the Italian tradition. These exclusive, innovative and completely natural Grain Beers are characterized by their...

Monaco Grand Prix: top experience with Gootickets

Speed and glamour mark indelibly Formula One, together with passion and adrenaline at every turn and every lap. Though, no other race nor circuit in the Formula One calendar can be compared to the Grand Prix of Monaco for excellence, glamour and difficulties. From the Casino square to the most famous bend of the world,...

Pitti Fragranze N.16

With over 220 brands from all over the world, Fragranze firmly maintains its criteria of research, selection and careful attention to quality. This edition’s updates includ: the first observatory on artistic perfumery culture and fragrance market in Italy; a focus on Vanilla and the treasures of Madagascar; Chandler Burr’s...