George Clooneys’s Lake Como Mansion is a must-see

George Clooney fell in love with Italy and purchased this Italian villa constructed in the 18th Century and located in Laglio, Italy, on Lake Como, in 2002. At the time, the actor paid €11.7 million for Villa Oleandra which came with 25 rooms, an outdoor theater, a swimming pool and a garage to house all of his motorcycles

PARIS DÉCO OFF 2019 has started today

During this event, which will last until the 21st of this same month, you can visit many of the best brands’ showrooms and discover some of the best furnishing pieces on the market

Absorbed by Light. Art with a millennial twist

This year’s edition of the Amsterdam light festival will feature something a little bit different: designed by London-based designer and contemporary artist Gali May Lucas, “Absorbed by Light” aims at making people aware of the time that millennials spend on the internet by showing how people are so focused on their phones that they forget their surroundings

Van Gogh. Sulla soglia dell’eternità

Julian Schnabel, conosciuto per aver girato, ventidue anni fa, il film sulla breve vita di Basquiat, ha realizzato ora un omaggio a Vincent van Gogh ripercorrendo la sua biografia, sfiorando le leggende che hanno il pittore come protagonista e attingendo dalle lettere scritte dall’artista al fratello Theo

VITA BELLA a tribute to the poliedric italian style

Vita Bella, ARAN Cucine’s brand new product, out now for imm cologne, is a kitchen able to harmonize elements from the past and manifacture tradition, with contemporary ‘ingredients’, offering, through its different versions, multiple possibilities of interpretation of classic. Proposed in many colours and finishes, from wood to glass, metal, until the most precious marble, this kitchen, thanks to the combination of different elements as well, confers a touch of unicity to each environment

The living space becomes Coral with Alma Design.

Il ‘Color of the Year’ è una cromia calda, vivace e avvolgente che unisce armoniosamente il rosa e l’arancio, una sfumatura che trasmette energia e suggerisce vibrazioni positive. Il Living Coral sarà in grado di influenzare il beauty, il lifestyle, designer di settori diversi come l’abbigliamento, l’arredamento per la casa o il design industriale, detterà nuovi trend e sarà fonte di nuove ispirazioni per tutto il prossimo anno.

Victor Papanek, a life on show at the Vitra Campus

The place where this interesting exhibition has been set up is truly something special: the Vitra Campus is, technically, located in Germany, but you can make a trip to France or Switzerland, in nearby Basel, crossing the borders at a moment’s notice. The Vitra Design Museum hosts a unique and...

Vanitas: Antonio Guccione exhibition at Il Salotto di Milano

Vanitas is a project started in 2008 in continuous evolution, the artist experiments in the photographs and portraits intensely pictorial the application of different materials so as to create a sort of poetic fairy tale

Art with a View, Paola Pivi art exhibition at the Miami Beach art museum

Paola Pivi’s work spans from large-scale installations to photography art shows, most of the times representing animals in their not so natural habitat in a performative way. Her modern art is set is strange surroundings leaving her public wonder about the nature of it. These animals are displaced from their usual spot in their everyday life, almost like a strange dream within reality, something with a mythological twist to it

Sebastian Herkner: Designer of The Year of the January Edition of Maison et Objet 2019

Over the course of the past decade, he has received some thirty awards in recognition of his innovative yet traditional work and, for all of the reasons above, he was chosen as the Designer of The Year of the January Edition of Maison et Objet 2019! You’ll be able to admire the power work of Herkner during this prestigious design event