“Nespolo fuori dal coro” Milan, Palazzo Reale

Unfolding like a journey, the great free-entry exhibition devoted to Ugo Nespolo, running from July 6 to September 15 at the Prince’s Apartment of Palazzo Reale, tells the story of an artist whose multi-faceted evolutions have marked milestones in the history of Italian arts

Cosmopolitan and Inspirational Designers From Paris

Cosmopolitan and Inspirational Designers From Paris

Living room decoration

Today we bring you some tips for the remodeling of your living room decoration. For a job like this you need some amazing pieces to fit your decor, so to help you we leave you with some designers and top brands with the most astonishing products that are already settling as some of the 2019 interior design trends

Beautiful and Unusual Washbasins for Luxury Bathrooms

Making a bathroom look sophisticated is easier than you think, you just need the right features and details such as a beautiful and unusual washbasin which can serve as a focal point for the room, so check out these Beautiful and Unusual Washbasins for Luxury Bathrooms

The historic London Townhouse from Jaques Grange

Jacques Grange is a top French interior designer that stands out for his incredible and eccentric projects within the interior design. Perfectly embodying his design identity, the interior designer delivers the most bold settings, that it would be an absolute dream come true for every interior design aficionado

Aldo Cibic for Selva: Pont Table is born

2019 is a very important year for Selva, full of big news, as the partnership with important international designers. In this scenario, the Pont table is born, designed by Aldo Cibic; an iconic piece of furniture expressing a structural and poetical idea of design using solid wood

David McMillan photographer, presents THE ZONE a book on Chernobyl

David McMillan è un fotografo che negli ultimi 25 anni è tornato più di venti volte a Chernobyl e a Pripyat e ha raccolto moltissimo materiale fotografico nel libro intitolato The Zone, portandoci la testimonianza della desolazione della zona di alienazione


Just like any other room of the house, the bedroom is a place where you should get your lighting right. This is important not only because of the visual aspect but also for functionality purposes. Light has incredible power, it can set the mood, it can transform your ambiance and it can help you with your daily tasks

What’s On in 2019 at the Tate?

What’s On in 2019 at the Tate Gallery in London

Martini presents the Essenza wardrobe

Choosing the right wardrobe plays a fundamental role in the organisation of the bedroom. Martini offers flexible, modular systems to meet every need, creating the ideal solution for keeping clothes, shoes, accessories and jewellery in order, and the new Essenza wardrobe has been conceived to allow the project designer to create furnishings with no limits, with or without doors
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