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Absorbed by Light. Art with a millennial twist

This year’s edition of the Amsterdam light festival will feature something a little bit different: designed by London-based designer and contemporary artist Gali May Lucas, “Absorbed by Light” aims at making people aware of the time that millennials spend on the internet by showing how people are so focused on their phones that they forget their surroundings

Van Gogh. Sulla soglia dell’eternità

Julian Schnabel, conosciuto per aver girato, ventidue anni fa, il film sulla breve vita di Basquiat, ha realizzato ora un omaggio a Vincent van Gogh ripercorrendo la sua biografia, sfiorando le leggende che hanno il pittore come protagonista e attingendo dalle lettere scritte dall’artista al fratello Theo

Vanitas: Antonio Guccione exhibition at Il Salotto di Milano

Vanitas is a project started in 2008 in continuous evolution, the artist experiments in the photographs and portraits intensely pictorial the application of different materials so as to create a sort of poetic fairy tale

Art with a View, Paola Pivi art exhibition at the Miami Beach art museum

Paola Pivi’s work spans from large-scale installations to photography art shows, most of the times representing animals in their not so natural habitat in a performative way. Her modern art is set is strange surroundings leaving her public wonder about the nature of it. These animals are displaced from their usual spot in their everyday life, almost like a strange dream within reality, something with a mythological twist to it

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BRAFA 2019 When I’m sixty-four

In January, the eyes of every art lover turns to Brussels thanks to BRAFA, whose sixty-fourth edition will be held between Saturday, 26 January and Sunday, 3 February 2019 inclusive, on the Tour & Taxis site. The 133 participating galleries and art dealers from sixteen countries have selected the finest, rarest or most valuable works from their respective art specialities in order to meet the great variety of expectations of a large audience with a reputation as connoisseurs. Welcome to this grand ephemeral museum, which traces art history and archaeology down to our own era, criss-crossing various periods, styles and continents to pay homage to artistic creation in all its forms.

Iconic Art Furniture Pieces For Modern Interior Design

Iconic Art Furniture Pieces For Modern Interior Design

Kelly Wearstler launches new print of luxury wallpaper

Renowned designer Kelly Wearstler keeps surprising us, this time with new prints for the luxury wallpaper collection. Wearstler presented four new designs, keeping up with the theme of the rest of the collection: neutral colours and geometric prints, made with the finest materials.

After Paris, Jean Francois Cazeau opens a second gallery in Sanremo, Italy

The gallerist’s intention is to create connections between different artistic movements, covering a variety of techniques and styles spanning the whole Twentieth century.

All in a thread: the great masters of the 20th century on display at Palazzo Zaguri

When Russian artist Vassily Kandinsky created his purely abstract work Yellow-Red-Blue in 1925 he could have never foreseen that an Italian contemporary art lover would have modeled such a mesmerising painting-like tapestry after his art piece. Kandinsky’s masterpiece is the rightful emblem of the exhibition “From Kandinsky to Botero. All...