Beatrice Fontana: creativity is… endless!

Beatrice Fontana, a fashion designer, interior designer, and trendsetter, Fontana discovered her passion for design in its broadest sense even before starting school. Talent was already engrained in her DNA, but she polished it like a raw diamond in years of study and valuable experiences. To name a few: Bulgari, Fendi, Armani, Serapian Milano, Parker, and Waterman

Antonella Salvucci, my life on set

An ever-burning passion, the passion that drives me and always makes me see the light despite all difficulties. I actually stamp the hardest moments into my emotional memory, so that I can draw from them whenever I need to play a multi-faceted character

The Future of Luxury and the Culture of Risk Prevention

The future of luxury and the culture of risk prevention: a revolution in the making. Interview to two key pioneers of Cindynics, the science of risk Following the pandemic’s heavy impact on the global economy and the consequent need to refresh business strategies for competitiveness to recover, companies are now...

Marina Di Guardo, words can change your life

Marina Di Guardo has been into writing since she was a child. A hidden talent, a smoldering fire that flamed up in adulthood, when she found the words to write her first novel in 2010. Marina, a talent revealed in several diverse works, a maturity in style that clearly emerges from her novels, and that now seems to have found its true nature.

Summer Fragrances. Q&A with Perfume Designer Mauro Lorenzi

Fragrances are adventurous travels, and summer brings along olfactory memories that recall the feeling of carefree days, the scents of the sea, shady woods and starry skies

Cristiano Minellono, a life of poetry

No introduction needed for Cristiano Minellono, globally renowned for his many beautiful songs, famous in every corner of the world. He is the only Italian lyricist to have won the Sanremo Music Festival twice, for songs “Ci sarà” and “Se mi innamoro”, and to have seized the second place for four times

Paola Marella, Elegance in Balance

Bicolor hair, a multi-colored soul. Paola Marella’s use of color would likely clash with visionary Wim Wenders’, who notoriously said: “Life is in color, but black and white is more realistic"

The Fashion Experience and Strategic Design

Together with Erika, we will take our readers to the discovery of strategic design, and particularly of the relationship between this little-known yet important field with the world of luxury, eagerly waiting for recovery

The role of communication during the Coronavirus emergency

The role of communication during the Coronavirus emergency

Riccardo Maria Monti CEO of Triboo

A new interview with Anita Lo Mastro, who in the splendid setting of the Hotel Regina Baglioni in Rome, meets Riccardo Maria Monti, a character of excellence already known to us as President of the ICE and Italfer, today CEO of the company for Triboo shares, which mainly deals with digital