Monica Rossetti crystallizes reality in glass frits

We’ve met with Monica Rossetti, one of the protagonistsof the collective contemporary art exhibition “Arte e Salute. Alle radici della prevenzione”

Giacomo “Jack” Braglia shapes a new dimension in photography

Jack is a young Swiss artist and photographer that lives in London. Through his passion for images, photography and art he has found a new way of using the photo camera to create conversations with the outside world through his inner emotions

Francesca D’Orazio as Ladyerbapepe

Francesca D'Orazio, also known as Ladyerbapepe, is a woman who made a brand out of her passion for cooking, by marrying it to her personal style and an eye for colour and shapes. Having travelled the world and after living in Singapore and New York for long periods of time, Francesca has come back to her homeland, Italy, and now keeps on working

Pietro Paradiso, color and research to highlight his roots

We meet Pietro Paradiso, fashion designer and tailor. His stylistic research is driven by his bond with the Italian region of Apulia, his homeland, and reinterprets Arab influences and Turkish memories with a modern, refined use of materials and colors

Bruno Ferrari, an Italian Chef in China

Exclusive interview with Bruno Ferrari, Italian chef for many years in China. A history of success, commitment, sacrifice to create an important business project. Its history, nostalgia for Italy and the great opportunities offered by the Chinese market.

#insiemesiamopiuforti: iLoby the networking platform by Christian Gaston

Christian Gaston: a charismatic man with an interesting life that brought him back and forth between Argentina, his country of origin (as we can tell by his accent), and Italy, the country where he was able to reach his personal and professional goals

Excellence Black Caviar a new italian adventure

We meet Luigi Colombo, a past as an entrepreneur in the textile sector, a success story that lasted until 2007, when he decided to go on a new professional adventure. He is a partner of Excellence Delights Scent of Italy Mr. Colombo, how did this new professional journey start? I have always...

OIR barbershop: a passion that becomes a profession, a successful experience that becomes a business model

A name full of meaning, chosen by Andrea Discanni and Franco Dubini, founders of the OIR barbershop in Via Volta 8, in Milan. OIR means "golden" in Irish, and gold is the favorite color of the two young managers who, in just a few years’ time, have managed to create a successful, replicable and scalable project

Turning a passion into a successful digital brand

Michela Stanzione, 31, aka "The Nail Coach": a self-taught branding expert with a passion for beauty in every form; an influencer with thousands of fans on the trendiest social network, Instagram (you can follow her @lacoachdelleunghie), where she shares the everyday reality of her job, managing to turn a simple profession into a successful digital brand

Maison Signore: bridal fashion Mady in Italy

Saying Maison Signore means telling the story of a work built on the passions, a solid tradition made by a scrupulous craft production. More than forty years of activity in the bridal world, over two thousand five hundred square meters of showroom in the three flagship stores, five collections, more than two hundred different models of wedding dresses made each year and the acquisition of an increasing number of clients in Worldwide
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