Regenerative medicine is the future

She was born in Cagliari, Sardinia, and after taking a first degree in Natural Sciences in Cagliari and a PhD in Medical Forensic Sciences at Università Cattolica in Rome, she also graduated in Medicine and specialized in General Surgery at the University of Cagliari and attended several specialization courses abroad, in Spain (University of Granada), in the US (Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA) and in London

MADE4ART gallery in Milan

MADE4ART is an exhibition space located in Milan, in the Tortona district. Managed by Vittorio Schieroni ed Elena Amodeo, it was inaugurated in October 2012 with a personal exhibition by Lombard artist Marco Lodola. Over the years, MADE4ART has hosted and curated exhibits by Italian and international artists and designers, including photographers Ennio Vicario, Kim Dupond Holdt, Alessandro Vicario, Pio Tarantini, Paolo Bongianino, Giancarlo Fabbi, Stefano Degli Esposti, Stefano Tubaro and Andrea Tirindelli and artists Shuhei Matsuyama, Josine Dupont, Sergio Armaroli, Alessandra Angelini, Andy and Thomas Masters.

The Baglioni Hotel Group: an ambassador of Made in Italy throughout the world

Anita Lomastro, senior advisor for corporate internationalization, meets Guido Polito CEO of Baglioni Group, in the splendid setting of the Carlton Baglioni hotel in Milan. We have always considered ourselves ambassadors of the “Made in Italy” values throughout the world. Our way of welcoming guests is based on Italian tradition,...

Nausicaa Dell’Orto: a magic touchdown

Nausicaa Dell’Orto, 25, a name straight out of a myth and a story to match. From Milan to the States, where she works for NFL Films, she shares her story and her talent: from improvising her first training sessions at a public park to her new role as captain of the Italian women's football national team

OMNIDE: a HUB at the service of quality and beauty, with a special attention to charity initiatives

We meet in London, during an Excellence Magazine event, Ivan Lazzaroni, principal director of OMNIDE

Disegno Mobile: the latest frontier in responsible luxury

Disegno Mobile is a new brand of Italian handcrafted, sustainable design, the latest frontier in responsible luxury to have recently entered the market

Great passion, a pinch of folly, and caution to taste: Edoardo Maggiori’s revolutionary cuisine

A passion for cooking is just one of the ingredients of the project conceived and realized by Edoardo Maggiori, a young entrepreneur from Milan: in just a few years, he has built an interesting catering business model that has allowed him to open three successful restaurants in the city in record time

Roberto Herrera the art of hearing heartbeats

Tango as a spiritual guide, a source of joy, a challenge, and continuous research. Tango as a profession. We meet with Roberto Herrera, and our interview turns into a dialogue rich in anecdotes, memories and valuable lessons. It is one of those interviews where prepped questions are set aside to make room for the story of a life lived between dance and music.

Monica Rossetti crystallizes reality in glass frits

We’ve met with Monica Rossetti, one of the protagonistsof the collective contemporary art exhibition “Arte e Salute. Alle radici della prevenzione”

Giacomo “Jack” Braglia shapes a new dimension in photography

Jack is a young Swiss artist and photographer that lives in London. Through his passion for images, photography and art he has found a new way of using the photo camera to create conversations with the outside world through his inner emotions
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