Altaroma Excellence: a wonderful night by Marina Corazziari

15 July 2019

Great success for the event held in the splendid location of Villa Brasini in Ponte Milvio Roma, for AltaRoma Excellence organized by Marina Corazziari Jewel Designer.

Marina Corazziari la giovane stilista Arianna Laterza e Anita Lo Mastro

In the enchanted garden of Gabsby Garden the artist and jewelery designer choreographer brought together a festival of stars that made one night unforgettable, where dreams and thoughts were represented by tableau vivants scattered throughout the park, a high lesson was contemplated tailoring and craftsmanship.

Excellence Magazine, represented by Anita Lo Mastro, senior advisor of the publisher, was also part of the evening as a media partner.

Elena Colucci proprietaria di Villa Brasini, Anita Lo Mastro
La giornalista Rai Camilla Nata

The perfect welcome of the hostess Elena Colucci, made everyone feel at ease to spend a magical night.