There was once a world where man lived in harmony with nature, in harmony with all species of our planet ": says the Italian-French artist's Ralph Hall, which appear as the beginning of a fairy tale granted by "they all lived happily ever after", in a world that respects and

The Italian TV needs to get young  and Fabio De Vivo is just what he needs. Fabio De Vivo, Digital Radio Speaker,  is one of the strongest of the Italian national scene, as well as famous DJ and Discographic Producer. Always present at the Excellence Magazine Luxury Events as Official

Inspiration and creativity drawing from history to open up towards the future: the ethos of Deborah Martinelli Bonavia. Artistically known as the Goddess of Luxury, Deborah’s skill is supported by a family heritage dating back to the start of the ancient Kütahya dynasty. Her world, the world of bespoke luxury,

Market turbulence in recent months doesn’t appear to have left any sector unscathed, not even the luxury segment, which seemed immune to the circumstances. We spoke about the situation to Andrea Illy, Chairman of Illy Caffè and Fondazione Altagamma, an association bringing together companies and Italian brands par excellence. Chairman, in

Multifaceted artist, unconventional  writer and painter:  Gabriella Marazzi ,  from Modena  , has established herself in the Italian cultural scene thanks to her oil paintings on canvas and her  incisive graphite  strokes  on cardboard  that represent  , especially, the multiple and changing female moods ; as well as  those of

Comfort, technology, patents and style are the elements that set apart the entrepreneurial spirit of Geox. An adventure initiated in 1995 when Mario Moretti Polegato had the long-sighted vision to find the answer to a universal problem: letting feet breathe. A focus on design has culminated in the development of

“For me playing football meant being myself. I liked playing and I always enjoyed myself when I played. I didn’t set myself the challenge of becoming a footballer, I played and that was all.” As accurate as his long passes and level shots, for Gianni Rivera football is nothing more

"The only failure is not to try”. And nobody could say that George Clooney fails to practise what he preaches. Clooney, the Hollywood star with the roguish smile, opened 2016 with the elegantly ironic and intelligent film Hail, Caesar! - his fourth collaboration with the Coen brothers. Although his intention was

Excellence Magazine per Baglioni Hotels

Guido Polito is the new CEO of Baglioni Hotels, succeeding his father Roberto, founder and president of the iconic chain of luxury Made in Italy hospitality. We had the chance to meet the new boss in the elegant Baglioni Hotel Regina in via Veneto, Rome.   What does being part of the

Ronnie Kessel looks me straight in the eye. "We do not offer services. We offer dreams." Kessel’s boyish looks are deceptive.  Behind them is a man who leads a group company with seventy employees; a person whose life experiences have matured him faster than his peers and someone who has a


New issue of Excellence Magazine Volume 15 out now! "And live to be the show and gaze o’ the time"


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