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Excellence World is the ideal media partner to accompany you in your exclusive event, write us

to define together the best communication strategy to make the event memorable and effective!


Would you like to write for Excellence Magazine?

We would love to welcome you to the family of excellences! In addition to its staff writers and editorial team, Excellence Magazine is always looking for new talent to provide its readers with fresh insight, covering a wide range of topics.

Am I Qualified?

You can write to, you are invited tell us the issue you want to write about and send us an article for example, we’ll be happy to meet you.

Excellence Magazine is looking for all kinds of contributors to cover all sorts of topics in the luxury world.

Cars, boats, technology, music, aircraft, art&culture, real estate, events, food, spirits, sports, interior design, health, Jewelry, beauty, cooking, fashion, trends, style, celebrities, vacations, Hotels, Resorts, Spa and many others.


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