Pool & Restaurant, the new concept of Ceresio 7


The concept of the restaurant Ceresio 7, which opened in 2013, came about from the idea of bringing to the public in a beautiful, top-class international setting classic cuisine, genuine and simple, the true trademark of pure Italian style.

This concept was realized in Milan, in a location where the food on the table reigns supreme and the surrounding atmosphere is unique, youthful, informal but never anything less than stylish. The project was the brainchild of a group of genuine professionals who put their heads together years back to map out the future of elegant eating when they worked together at the Bulgari Hotel: the chef, Elio Sironi along with the house management team, Marco Civitelli, Edoardo Grassi and Luca Pardini.


And thus we present Ceresio 7, confirming Elio Sironi’s status amongst the Milanese food cognoscenti as well as being a blazing opportunity to revolutionise the canons of the eating experience. A location that bursts with life the whole day long, from the morning by the swimming pools and lunch on the terrace, to early evening cocktails at the American Bar which, from spring 2015, will be run by Dario Gentile, a young professional with worldwide experience, including a stint at the Hotel Bulgari in Milan. The evening is rounded off with selected spirits and imaginative cocktails.


Chef Elio Sironi’s professionalism has been perfected over years of experience and it centres on the most fundamental notions of simplicity, authenticity and respect. And herein lies hisgastronomic philosophy, rediscovering classics of Italian cuisine, some revisited and revised, others following the most deep–‐rooted traditions of genuine Italian cooking with a twist. All personalized, interpreted in a modern key from ages–‐old Italian recipes, maintaining taste and consistency as their foundation.



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