The brightened world of Delightfull


Launched by the end of 2007, Delightfull reflects the need for something different, traditional design with a new twist. That’s how timeless masterpieces are born. Fresh classics that reflect a personality, a state of mind and strong emotions present in each detail.

To share Delightfull’s world is to share a unique vintage heritage Delightfull’s world is ambiance, history, a moment that stays forever through fresh classics created with wisdom and passion, derived by designers’ creativity process. It’s a know-how culture combining a past Heritage of 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and a contemporary design touch.


Delightfull group is made of designers like Diego Carvalho, the head designer, who was one of the brand mentors “Our single brand is made of persistent people always trying to push the boundaries: designers, the silversmith, customer relations team, marketing team, press office and content managers, there is a valuable team to make the most of the brand”.

Strongly sculptured forms, reduced shapes, clear lines and plenty of color – these are characteristic features of Delightfull’s collection. The styling is luxurious but always effortless. Decorative elements are unconventionally reinterpreted.


Charismatic shapes and superior materials create an elegant look full of refinement and modernity. Delightfull’s unique collection, Heritage assorted, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s Soul and Jazz legacy with the major value a man can have – wisdom- to do with his own hands.

For that reason each piece is done with passion and hold a history, a moment a soul. A multipurpose collection with high aesthetic pieces combined in four typologies; Table, Floor, Wall, Suspension. Each one has a story to tell, each one has a soul of jazz impregnated.


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