Vertu: The new dimension of luxury tech


Craftsmanship, exclusive services and excellence in cutting-edge technologies are the pillars of high-end Vertu phones, making the company a market leader in over ten years of operation. The Concierge service available in eight languages is just the beginning: the New Signature Touch gives customers a pampering with Vertu Life, which offers access to exclusive events, and Vertu Certainty, which guarantees the security of your data and the phone itself.

Let’s take a look at Vertu’s milestones, from the first ideas to the launch of the latest model, Signature Touch, with CEO Massimiliano Pogliani.

Vertu started to explore the concept of a luxury mobile phone back in 1998, drawing inspiration and involving experts from the fields of jewellery, aeronautics, luxury watches and super cars. At the time, the mobile industry was very different to what it is now, built as it was around voice-centric products with keypads and plastic bodies. Vertu assembled a team of designers and engineers from a number of backgrounds and set about answering the question: ‘can a luxury aesthetic be applied to a mobile phone?’ I joined Vertu as CMO in late 2012, as the first Android phones were being developed. I was then made CEO in the summer of 2013. At the helm of the company, I immediately set about redefining our product proposition around three key pillars. Ironically, it took an Italian to make ‘Handmade in England’ a central part of the brand proposition. Simply put, the New Signature Touch is the sum total of more than 15 years’ experience in the luxury technology sector. As our pinnacle smartphone, it comes with the highest level service suite, including a Dedicated Concierge who will fulfil customers’ every request using their unique expertise and inside knowledge.

All models of Vertu mobile phones are handmade using the finest materials in the world. What is the philosophy behind your products?

The Vertu technology experience has to meet or surpass the very best mass market products. However, technology is where the mass market stops and we really begin. Our contemporary tech is enhanced with unique services and then wrapped up in a range of carefully selected, hand-crafted materials that deliver the quality luxury consumers recognise in the other goods they own. This ‘trilogy’ of technology, services and craftsmanship is what sets our products apart.

Vertu is available in about 500 stores and 66 countries.  Which markets are particularly hot right now?

Vertu is an international brand sold all over the world. We have seen an upswing in most regions, particularly those where Vertu has strong brand awareness, such as Russia, mainland China, the Middle East and Europe. At the beginning of the year, Vertu launched a global e-commerce platform – one of the first among luxury brands. I put this down to a strong product proposition as well as the increasing prominence of the luxury tech sector.


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