Prada launches a high-end jewelry collection


Prada launches a collection of jewels in precious metals. Having always focused on costume jewelry, the luxury brand moves to the highest end of the market with the first selection of pure gold pieces in its history.

Supervised by the label’s artistic director Miuccia Prada, creator of this project, the collection will be available for purchase starting from May in selected Prada stores, as well as on the brand’s e-shop.

“Our costume jewelry collection is going pretty well”, the house explains, “but we’ve always been asked for a selection of proper jewels.”


The main luxury brands are currently following the trend of diversifying their production to be able to offer their own high-end jewelry collections. Gucci and Giorgio Armani, for example, have already launched their own premium selections this year.

This new segment of Prada’s business is internally operated by a dedicated team especially appointed to lead this project. In a press release, Prada highlights the remarkable technical work underlying the whole production process. Totally made of gold and 18-karats diamonds, jewels are sourced from suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). Founded in 2015, this nonprofit organization promotes responsible practices in processing metals and precious stones, from extraction to sale.

Featuring earrings, bracelets, charms and necklaces, the collection comes in a neat design with an original twist. It reinterprets some playful motifs marking Prada’s ready-to-wear collections and accessories in the past few years  ̶bananas, guitars, roses, rabbits, robots and the label’s triangular logo, finishing some of the jewels.


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