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Exclusively specialized in photography, Art Photo Area scouts for new talents all around the world and helps them gain visibility through fairs and exhibitions.

With a varied offer featuring projects by today’s most inventive, original authors, the gallery never fails to offer a rich, intriguing event calendar that draws all the public’s attention.

Chiyoda_Oshichi_ Nostalgia
Chiyoda_Oshichi_ Nostalgia

Michiko Chiyoda_Oshichi_ The enshrined natural rock
Michiko Chiyoda_Oshichi_ The enshrined natural rock

A philosophy well exemplified by “Ciudades Compartidas” (“Shared Cities”), an exhibition produced last February in collaboration with Fondo Malerba per la Fotografia that involved two international, deeply appreciated artists: Italian Mino Di Vita and Cuban Alain Cabrera. The two photographers took shots of cities, including Milan and Havana, in a cultural exchange that roused the Cuban institutions’ interest, to the point that they asked for the show to be part of the busy schedule for the celebration of Havana’s 500thanniversary next November. It will also be included in the 22ndWeek of the Italian Culture in Cuba, an event organized yearly by the Italian Embassy in Havana.

Art Photo Area

Initiatives like the Milano Gallery Weekend can shake a market that has become particularly stagnant, in Milan just like in the rest of Italy. They encourage the audience to look beyond the so-called ‘classic’ authors and explore new, original proposals

the gallery says.

This is why we need to further promote events of this kind, which can lead the public down a marked-out path where to discover exhibits like ‘Two journeys, One story’ by Japanese photographer Michiko Chiyoda, inspiring feelings of enchantment and satisfaction

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