We meet Elisabetta Giannini by COSE


We meet Elisabetta Giannini in an unexpected, quiet courtyard in the central street of Cremona, lined by the display windows of a historic clothing shop.

Located in Corso Campi 55, “Cose” cannot be defined as a simple shop. It is a project that clearly embodies Elisabetta’s taste and know-how in focusing her business on research.

Elisabetta, how was this project born?

When I started this business, I was carrying on a family tradition, and I thought it was important to offer clients a new experience, even for a provincial city like Cremona.

Based on this reflection, we created a multi-room space where we can welcome clients with the greatest care and discretion, and offer them differentiated experiences depending on what they are looking for.

COSE Cremona

What makes your space stand out?

It is a meeting place, our clients often stop by just to greet us and browse the new collections. We often open the shop purposely for one single client, to dedicate our time and attention to her.

We have always strived to offer uniqueness, quality and research.

We are proud to have followed some emerging artists right from their first creations, such as Stella McCartney, featured in our shop even since her first collection in 2001.

Researching and meeting the designers in their showrooms has always helped me to make careful choices. Knowing my clients, their tastes and needs has allowed me to perfect my skills as a buyer.

COSE Cremona

What is luxury to you today?

A brand and a high price are not enough to define luxury.

Luxury is quality, it is the designers’ ability to bring innovation through new materials that let them express their talent.

Which have been the major moments in your professional pathway?

Encounters, definitely. People that have contributed to turn a profession into a passion.

We are proud to have in our boutique prestigious names from the fashion world that we have believed in, and that we have helped to grow by making them known to our clientele.

You mentioned Stella McCartney. What’s your take on her position on green fashion?

Stella is just like that, it is not simply something fashionable to her. Green seriously matters to her, she is not just making statements to follow the trend.

We bought our first faux furs from her.

Attention, research, consistency are the elements that distinguish her fashion, and that I feel like advocating for, as it is a path we have been sharing.

How to choose the pieces that make a collection?

I look for the quality, originality and beauty of the fabric.

When choosing a collection, I think of my client and picture the outfits as she would wear them.

We work with labels where the designer still has an active role. We like working with contemporary creatives, the ones that I call “the living”. This helps us tell our clients a story by highlighting the designer’s strengths as a sort of background melody to the garment we are offering.

This way, we present the result of our research on a certain brand by enhancing the elements that mainly struck us and sharing them with our clients.

COSE Cremona

A true passion?

We like working.

Collections need to be decoded, read and chosen in order to mix with one another in various matches, not just on a style level, but also as to the price range.

The outfits we offer must have their own personality and be practical, convenient.

We have never bluffed, we have always strongly believed in our choices, and all this has paid off.

Elisabetta, can you tell us about your experience with e-commerce?

It was a crucial transition, it taught us so much.

It is a different way of buying, as well as a different way of selling.

We can dare more, since the market that we address is broader.

I have bought edgier, bolder clothes that are not always accepted in a provincial city, but that an international clientele can recognize and appreciate.

It is challenging, and it contributes to our revenues.

What do you think of fashion?

I will answer by quoting Tombolini, who says it is a really hard moment, but collections must enable us to satisfy our clients.

Women should not endure fashion. Dresses should take you through your everyday, and possibly turn, with a swap of accessories, into the perfect outfit for a special night.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
My professional life has been marked by several big changes that made me grow as a person and as a leader, develop new skills and mental flexibility, which in turn allows me to face challenges from a different, unique perspective. To me, writing represent a way to communicate with myself and with others. Telling stories and engaging my readers are the challenges that I am currently facing within a wider editorial project.

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