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Ten years ago, Excellence Magazine was born with the goal of ​​creating a sophisticated and exclusive communication medium to bring together, under one roof, people with common interests and needs. This was the principle on which we based the development of our project, which now takes on different forms, expands, differentiates, giving life to dreams that we will reveal to you slowly, hoping that you all will enjoy their colors, their sounds, their development.

From the release of the first edition of the printed magazine and its subsequent online edition, to its launch event, to the first gala dinner, to the first partnerships with important international events.

It is with this energy and with this emotion that I present to you the latest issue of Excellence Magazine.

Our cover features a beautiful woman, Angelina Jolie, who told us about her new movie, Maleficent, a fairy tale that deals with important issues such as the importance of accepting those who are different from us and of protecting the planet, two topics that are close to her heart and which she actively campaigns for.

As always, this issue covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from art to jewelry, to breathtaking locations around the globe, to interviews with famous celebrities and with top entrepreneurs that make innovation and research the foundation of their success.

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In this edition, we have also included articles on sustainability and we have talked about a new way of thinking and understanding luxury. These are issues that we care very much about, and we are entirely committed to their promotion.

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Through our work as publishers, we do our part to give voice and to highlight those who pay attention to the protection of our planet with concrete actions, which often have a strong impact on business processes from an organizational, productive and strategic point of view.

I hope that, like us, you will continue to live the experience of reading with enthusiasm and passion.

Luigi Lauro


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