Vector Wealth Management: we meet Alessandro Beggio


We meet Alessandro Beggio at Vector Wealth Management’ offices in Lugano.

Alessandro, you recently opened a new office in Bellinzona, and you held an event last September to celebrate Vector Wealth Management’s tenth anniversary.

A crucial moment to meet clients, but also to engage the team that has contributed to your growth.

What theme did you choose for the convention?

We wanted the night to be a moment of encounter, a chance to share the values we believe and invest in every day.

The guiding thread we chose was tied to innovation. We involved three friends who work in different fields but stand out for their successful experiences, all based on the power and vision of innovation.

Could you briefly describe these professionals?

LUCA MARIA GAMBARDELLA, director of Lugano’s AI Lab IDSIA, an internationally recognized AI and Machine Learning cutting-edge center.

LUCA FABRIZIO PERUZZO, an ethical hacker and cyber security expert, boasts an almost thirty-year career in IT. In 2002, in Italy, on a land still untouched, he founded one of the first companies dealing with cyber security. He currently develops and follows cyber security projects for his clients.

MONICA REGAZZI, an ex partner of the Boston Consulting Group and a successful startupper. She is the founder and CEO of Homepal, a startup active in the proptech field – technologies applied to the real estate. She is a member of UBI Banca’s BoD.

And how did the night go? Did clients appreciate your way of sharing your know-how and expertise?

We were really happy with the feedback we received from our clients, partners and friends. The whole night, a celebration of Vector VM’s first 10 years, followed our philosophy – giving added value and guidance without becoming self-referential or self-congratulatory, and without bringing on topics that might have been considered as predictable, like finance and markets.

In your opinion, which projects distinguish Vector Wealth Management?

Our company is a niche multifamily office that has always aspired to offer excellent, high-quality services.

Our strengths are an obsessive care for the client and an extreme customization level, with the latter being harder and harder to find in a world that standardizes and stiffens more and more.

Alongside the traditional asset and advisory management services that we offer to international individuals and institutions, we have been focusing on illiquid investments, growing more and more interesting and demanded in a scenario where interest rates are this low, even negative.

You took part in the Excellence Green Night, an event that you have been attending right from its birth. There is much talk about sustainability in finance too. Where do you stand about it?

As far as investments are concerned, what we have noticed is that institutional players, who are leading market trends as usual, are moving further and further to the ESG side. Vector WM has long been sensitive to these issues, and we have already started investing in ESG funds and niches that are now strongly emerging – linked to a circular economy and diet, for example (especially meat substitutes). Moreover, we are constantly monitoring some start-up activities in these niche fields that might prove good investment opportunities.

Clients appreciate firms that care for green themes, and some recently presented studies in particular highlighted quite a neat stance by Millennials on such topics. What’s your opinion about this?

Millennials are undoubtedly extra careful about everything that concerns new technologies and green economy.

The new generations’ s consumption and daily life trends are rapidly changing from those of previous generations, and some old, established cornerstones – such as house and car ownership – are going through major changes following the sharing trend.

We have been heavily investing in research on these new trends, and we are also building specialized investment solutions in these fields, to engage new investors and new generations too.

What are your plans for the next year?

Vector WM has been tackling the current changes in the law with a sustainable growth strategy that intends to further strengthen our organizational structure. In the next few days, two new advisors will be joining our team, which will turn ten while expanding over 10 members. Other professionals with transferable skills, particularly related to baking, are in the pipeline.

For three years now, together with client advisors, we have been greatly investing in enhancing our management and advisory team, in the IT systems and in communications and marketing – with our “Market Mirror” weekly newsletter, for example, which has been pretty successful.

About investments, as anticipated, besides the asset management, we have long started a diversification process involving club deals too, in order to offer our investing clients a broader range of alternatives and opportunities.

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