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Translate emotions in unique and valuable perfumes, to tell and share unforgettable stories through her olfactory creations: this is the mission of Francesca Dell’Oro, founder of the eponymous brand established in 2011.

After years spent in fashion, design and luxury, Francesca decided to treasure inspirations and experiences to fulfil her dream: to create a sophisticated and selective olfactory laboratory. Since her childhood, she has been passionate about aromas and perfumes coming from the gardens surrounding the enchanting Como Lake, where she was born.

Francesca attended several seminars and training courses dedicated to the study of raw materials, providing her with a very skilled and up-to-date education. She worked with the most renowned perfumers, who were able to understand her ideas and shape unique and exclusive fragrances. Francesca is a very dynamic person and she is the artistic mind behind every creation Francesca Dell’Oro Parfum.

Francesca Dell'Oro Portrait

Where does your passion for perfumes come from?

I was born with a curious nose. Since I was a child, my mother placed me among flowers, her great passion, and I was amazed between smells and colours, unconscious and receptive.

When I was a teenager, I felt the need to connote myself through unusual and cherished perfumes. I was interested in books and essays dedicated to the five senses and I started to investigate on the history and culture of smells.

Their mystical power, the prophecies and legends related to the cult of olfactory raw materials, the strong seductive value that have covered the aromas over the times, the use of a primordial but wise cosmetics to praise the dead, the make-up and so on. Therefore, a true passionate.

As an adult, I was able to dedicate myself to this great passion accomplishing my personal journey through specific training courses.

Where does the inspiration for your fragrances come from?

I do not follow a single olfactory analysis associated to a precise concept. FD’O perfumes are not specifically associated to an olfactory family, they do not celebrate geographical areas nor do they follow trends on the market. The inspiration is very genuine: little and big impulses, sensations, people, gestures, silences and voices of the world flow into my mind, becoming fertile ground for creation. I begin to reflect on the primordial smells and sensations I would like to evoke, and voila, the inspired ferment guides every choice that will lead to the final fragrance.

The bottle is a signature of your brand: what does it represent?

The FD’O bottle, a special and very distinctive object, is now truly iconic and connotes the brand.

I wanted to pay homage to two extremely important aspects of my life: my family, linked to the world of precious stones & jewels and my great love for art, celebrating in particular the talented Tamara de Lempicka.

The bottle contains these two souls, the brilliant and multifaceted preciousness of the jewel but also the romantic charisma of the artist, to underline that my personality merges into the fragrances, exactly as Tamara did in her works.

The designer to whom I illustrated my project has been able to create a perfect union between these elements. Then we collaborated with one of the most famous French glassmaker to produce a bottle that is as complex as unique.

Identikit of FD’O client

I am always very satisfied of not having a typical client but happy to embrace the tastes of different people. The most appreciated compliments are those coming from clients who fall in love with my fragrances because they feel transported to an olfactory world full of research and suggestion.

They often tell me how exciting it is to find a perfume and live it daily, intimately and with others.

The fragrance of the collection that represents you at its best?

I would say all, of course. Each contains fragments of experience, personal evocations, sensitive emotions and desires. However, above all, I would say Fleurdenya: the richness of the gardenia and its delicate and distinguishable white corolla makes me feel happy, feminine and sophisticated. I mix it with other fragrances or wear it as a thin layer on my skin, before adding other scents.

The place of the heart: which is its smell?

The places of the heart become all those discovered and suddenly loved thanks to my instinct. All the places that make me feel free and fluid. Over the years, I have understood that freedom is my constant range. My fragrances are always on the move: never forgetting that the raw materials contained in a perfume still live enclosed in the bottle and give new emotions.

Your next projects?

So many, too many. I would need a teleport and a couple of clones to do everything I have daily in my mind!

Now, however, I can just reveal the launch of two new fragrances planned for next spring.

Two new chapters of a path already traced. Two new exciting stories.

There’s A Place, the latest creation by Francesca Dell’Oro Parfum. The rose, in its bold essence of mysterious perfection, guides us along tangles of orange blossom and broom, giving life to a very special fragrance.

FD'O_There's a place

Page 29 is like a sheet of a diary, a page of a book. This perfume contains various suggestions: rosewood, gentle tangerines and Capua’s bergamot create a scent able to transform the rhythm of the olfactory space.

Page 29

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