Gismondi 1754 makes its debut on Aim Italia


Gismondi 1754 makes its debut on Aim Italia (the Milan Stock Exchange market dedicated to SMEs) in a decidedly upward trend.

Shortly after 10am the title of the historic Genoese jeweler changed hands at a price of 3.51 euros per share, + 9.7% compared to the placement value of 3.2 euros. The capitalization thus exceeds 14 million euros, from the 13 planned.

The company started with good premises: at the closing of the placement the demand exceeded the target of collection by 2.2 times, set at 5 million euros.

The transaction, aimed at institutional, professional and retail investors, involved the capital increase placement of 1,564,800 shares.

The free float of the post-listing company is equal to 38.5% of the share capital.

The history of this freshman starts in 1754 with Giovan Battista Gismondi, who becomes the supplier of Pope Pius VI and the Doria family.

Today Massimo Gismondi carries on the family business, blending craftsmanship know-how, inherited from over seven generations, to his contemporary style.

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