LA PRIMA BAG: Giorgio Armani Revamps the Iconic ’90s BAG


How many implications hide behind the word “prima” (“first”)? Apart from a time adverb, the term is also an ordinal adjective defining the highest rank of all – just like in fashion, where the “first line” features a brand’s high-end pieces.

First in order, but also first as in “iconic”, like “La Prima” bag, designed by Giorgio Armani in 1995 and the house’s first venture into the world of accessories. The result of a stylistic evolution, of the couturier’s ability to grasp the needs of his customers, dynamic women looking for functional yet glam pieces. Aesthetics and functionality, elegance and a masculine allure perfectly blend in the “La Prima” bag.

Indeed, the bag was inspired by the unmistakable silhouette of the designer’s androgynous jackets and details, which were in line with a trend that was in full swing in the ‘90s, the understatement, and anticipated a contemporary one, the genderless – further confirming Re Giorgio’s ante litteram intuitions.

Evergreen codes that co-existed in the past and still do in the present, heritage to transpose to contemporary times. Such reflections shaped the idea of revisiting La Prima in six new styles.

While retaining the original style marks, with pleats at the corners and rounded lines, this it bag showcases new manufacturing techniques, exquisite leather crafting and tailored seams that embody the inestimable value of Made in Italy.

Alongside the classic model with double side gussets and its rectangular refresh, the new styles include a shell clutch and a tote in different sizes.

The bags come in naturally tanned vegetable calfskin and Palmellato leather, handcrafted for softness. Eleven shades were launched with the collection: white, nude, gray, tan, burgundy, cordovan, lawn green, kaki, red, azure and black.

In addition to leather styles, the collection features evening edits in lacquer or silk satin, in varnished crocodile or lizard print.

The only eccentric twist is added by the lacquer design in tortoiseshell print.

La Prima has already landed in all Giorgio Armani stores.

La Prima, the bag that encapsulates my idea of elegance and personality, of style and function, came from the need to offer an emancipated and sophisticated woman an accessory fit for her wardrobe. A practical bag and therefore roomy and pleasant to use, yet unmistakably Armani in design. Focusing on quality and understatement, I can say that I have created a bag which, in an extremely natural way, depicted and continues to depict my idea of feminine style

Giorgio Armani

Letizia Bellitti
Letizia Bellitti
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