Superbrands Awards: sustainability like core value of the brands


SuperBrands Awards 2019 at Fabbrica del Vapore, Christian Gaston illan new “Brand Ambassador”

Superbrands Awards celebrated the 3rd of December, in the lovely setting of “La Cattedrale della Fabbrica del Vapore” in Milan, the brand excellency and the effort of those who continue to invest on the brand values putting respect and sustainability as core of their expansion strategies.

Superbrands, the most important initiative about the aggregation of global brand excellency, existing in over 90 world nations, celebrated the awarding of the prestigious Superbrands Awards 2019, internationally considered as the brand’s “Oscar”.

Superbrands Awards 2019 - Fabbrica Del Vapore
Superbrands Awards 2019 – Fabbrica Del Vapore

The “Superbrands of the year 2019” award, voted by the Superbrands Council after a careful examination of the brand’s performances and starting from the S-factors that are the base of the Superbrands evaluation model, was given to LEGO, the Danish multinational company that has always been inspiring the fantasy and the creativity of thousands of children all over the world.

A special award was given to Monica Contrafatto, silver medal in the one hundred meters sprint during the last Paralympic World Cup that took place in November in Dubai. Monica, a woman, major corporal of the Bersaglieri and athlete received the Superbrands Award 2019 as example of tenacity, grit and Italian sportivity in the World.

During the ceremony, the “Superbrands Award For Innovation” was given to FASTWEB for its continuous technology research and push towards the future.

SAN BENEDETTO was awarded with “Superbrands Award For Authenticity” for its constant effort and transparency towards its consumers.

The “Superbrands Award For Responsability” was given to LEROY MERLIN for its project to- wards sustainability and its several initiatives on its territory in favor of the most disadvantaged.

31 are the prestigious brands that received the status of Superbrands 2019: Amplifon, ARAN Cucine, Beko, Bottega Verde, CheBanca!, Disney, Ducati, Fastweb, Ferrero Rocher, Flor- midabil, Folletto, Genertel, Grundig, ING, L’albero della vita, Le Naturelle, Lego, Moby, Mon- dadori Store, Mulino Bianco, NEXI, Post-IT, RE/MAX, San Benedetto, Silaq, SisalPay, THUN, Tupperware, Vaillant e ZETA Service.

Superbrands Awards 2019 - Fabbrica Del Vapore
Superbrands Awards 2019, Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milano. 3 Novembre 2019.

The evening saw the delivery of the first copy of the volume “Superbrands 2019. Il libro delle grandi marche” (which cover has been drawn by the students of the graphics class of the IED Torino, guided by Maestro Ugo Nespolo): over 150 pages splendidly illustrated which celebrate the stories of the success of every brands that have joined the initiative.

The pubblication will be soon available in the main Mondadori bookshops and downloadable online from the Superbrands website.

During the evening Argentines wines “Via Dell’Abbondanza” were served and it was possible to attend the cooking show of the ice-cream chef Massimiliano Scotti.

Superbrands Awards 2019 - Fabbrica Del Vapore
Superbrands Awards 2019, Fabbrica Del Vapore, Milano. 3 Novembre 2019.

At the end of the night Barbara Picollo, Country Manager Italia, gave a Special Award to Sergio Tonfi, Superbrands Editor, that decided to retire from the world of Communication to dedicate himself to his great passions: travels and photography. Christian Gaston Illan will take his place as Brand Ambassador.

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