Brafa 2020 The Fair of a Thousand Temptations


With the regularity of a fine watch-making mechanism, Brafa returns mid-winter with the aim of combining the best of the art on offer in Brussels.

BRAFA art fair 2020

The 133 Belgian and international galleries gathered on the site of Tour & Taxis from 26 January to 2 February compete with a thousand temptations to warm the hearts of all art lovers and to arouse the keen interest of the most discerning collectors.

BRAFA 2020

The beautiful, the rare and the exceptional blend harmoniously, eliciting cravings, passion or impulse purchases, while paying tribute to creativity from the earliest times to the present day.

Whether you are a fan of the bas-reliefs of Ancient Egypt, the Roman marbles, mediaeval Virgins, 18th- century dressers, paintings by Flemish Masters, animal or modernist bronzes, Art Deco or Art Nouveau silverware, Wolfers jewellery, paintings by Belgian artists from the Laethem School, precious porcelain and archaic bronzes from China, Meissen or Tournai china, African and Oceanic masks, unusual objects from a cabinet of curiosities, stylish furniture, drawings and engravings and works by the greatest contemporary designers … one thing is clear: you have to go to Brafa to see all these treasures, and many more!

BRAFA art fair 2020 BRAFA art fair 2020

Brafa is primarily about the pleasure of discovering and admiring thousands of works of art, discussing them with dealers and learning about market developments, completing its collection or its interior, or more simply being tempted …

Brafa Stern Ville Leopold Survage Brafa Beres Puriststilllife with Guitar

High quality means high prices, and this is true in the case of the market’s star artists, for exceptional works or for unique objects, or even those with an illustrious provenance.

BRAFA art fair 2020 BRAFA art fair 2020

But it is also entirely possible to acquire very beautiful pieces for a few thousand euros. Brafa aims to be able to meet the expectations of audiences as diverse as museum curators, interior designers, art consultants, experienced collectors or art lovers…

Also this year Excellence Magazine Luxury is a media partner of this magnificent event, unique in its kind. Impossible not to be fascinated by the beauty of the works on display and the perfect organization of the event.

BRAFA ART FAIR 26 Jan  – 02 Feb 2020
Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 88, Brussels
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