Dining at Cipriani Las Vegas


Known for its classic glamour, impeccable service, and signature Italian recipes, Cipriani Las Vegas in Wynn Plaza Shops at Wynn Las Vegas is now open. This is the brand’s first West Coast location.

How would you describe Cipriani’s culture?
Luxury in simplicity has been our motto for four generations, it was valid in 1931 when Giuseppe Cipriani senior opened Harry’s Bar in Venice and it is to this day How do you position Cipriani restaurants amongst the different restaurants and amongst the Las Vegas restaurants in particular?
We never worry too much about being different or looking at what other restaurants are doing.
Our Vegas location, designed by Florentine architect Michele Bonan, features some classic Cipriani element and has a nautical feel with glossy walnut and chrome accents and has a beautiful separate private dining area. There is some classic glamour in it and the same signature Italian recipes and level of service that we offer around the world.

How many Cipriani’s are in the world? Where are they situated? What do they all have in common?
Cipriani has developed into an international hospitality brand, with restaurants, landmarked event spaces, luxury residential, hotels and clubs in ten countries around the world including Venice, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Monte Carlo, Ibiza, Mexico City, Dubai, Riyadh, Las Vegas and Punta del Este. They share the same Italian cuisine with classics from Harry’s Bar in Venice and understated elegance.

How do the Cipriani restaurants collaborate amongst themselves?
We have a team of chefs that often rotate among locations, and conversations are always open among restaurants.
They share many of the same faithful customers, and we make sure that service, cuisine and many other details are consistent around the world. There is always a member of the Cipriani family visiting the different locations.

Why did you decide to open a Cipriani restaurant in Las Vegas?
We had been looking at the Vegas market for some time but when the opportunity was offered at the Wynn shops we thought it was the perfect location for the level and the quality of the project.
Las Vegas sees many of our regular customers traveling there for leisure or work, has a very international clientele, high end entertainment and business conferences and conventions throughout the year.

What do you look for when you hire employees?
Passion for this job, love for service and their own personality and culture to bring added value to our company.

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