Kokoko Restaurant: seasonality and creativity by the Chef Igor Grishechkin


Kokoko Restaurant is a new concept of ​​Russian cuisine: from the very beginning, from the opening in 2012 to the present day, they have always been faithful to the main principle – to work with farm and seasonal products, to cook from what is collected, caught and produced in Russia at a particular time of the year.

This contemporary restaurant’s menu is based on local farm products. The main concept is «seasonal»: in the harsh winter season, root crops, cereals and harvests are used, and summer and autumn are rich in fresh herbs, vegetables and berries, which are rapidly replacing each other – this is how up to 20 menu updates occur in this luxury restaurant in a year.

Kokoko Restaurant

Thanks to the courage, perseverance and faith in the result for seven years, Kokoko has come a long way, becoming a real attraction and an occasion to visit St. Petersburg.

Kokoko Restaurant

This restaurant of modern Russian cuisine is just a short walk from the St. Isaac’s Cathedral and worth the small detour. Here you can try a wide variety of real Russian cuisine.

The head and heart of the Kokoko cuisine is the Excecutive Chef Igor Grishechkin.

Igor Grishechkin

A bold innovator and ironic experimenter, he deftly crosses modern technologies, traditional Russian cuisine ingredients and memories of childhood tastes.

kokoko chocolate dessert

A bit of madness, a lot of humor, love for native products and unpredictable combinations are the hallmarks of his fine cuisine.

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