Divinatione, at the Milano Fashion Library


It will start tomorrow in the iconic location that houses the Milan Fashion Library, a documentation center that collects over 70,000 titles including national, international magazines, books, trend notebooks, lookbooks from the past to the contemporary, DVD/ CD, the Divinatione event, promoted by Pietro Paradiso who oversaw the Artistic Direction.

The collections of a small group of designers, rigorously Made in the South, who make craftsmanship and research the strength of their creations will be presented.

Sustainability and high quality products, uniqueness and use of refined materials that have had their own history and that return to new life

says Pietro Paradiso, who speaks on behalf of all the professionals who are part of the Divinatione project.

We present them to you:


The colors of the sun, of the sea, of nature that adorn splendid Sicily, set in a precious one-of-a-kind artefact. The Bourbon artistic bags take shape in the awareness that the past and the future are inextricably linked by a thread that weaves tightly together: tradition, ancient manufactures, culture, elegance, art, innovation and vision. Through this the “Coffa”, as an evocative symbol of popular Sicilianity, rises to a prestigious head of artistic fashion, full of identity and contradictions.


The coffa, molded with materials far from tradition, comes to new life and is enhanced in the details masterfully made by Sicilian Art Masters who have with passion and dedication decided to collaborate with us. Each artifact is unique and irreplaceable.

ijÒ design – LECCE

ijÒ design tells the story of unique pieces, whose precious fabrics are made, exclusively with natural fibers, on ancient hand looms in Puglia. The panels are modeled on the body by drawing geometric shapes of architectural inspiration.

ijo divinatione

The design of the fabric becomes the main core of the project and was created ad hoc to interpret the ethical fashion values and the soul of the collections, poised between fashion, art and design. ijÒ design presents the ten iconic garments that narrate the 20 years of research and experimentation of the brand.


HABITUS collection

Dress the person in his unique and true essence, human and spiritual. Respect for nature, natural and eco-sustainable fabrics.

Verses that express love for themselves and for the whole of which we are part flow on the essential clothes.

dolores divinatione

Hand decorated by Marta Lagna, internationally renowned calligrapher. Vegan silk, wool jersey, cotton gauze and French cotton lace details, materials that resonate with the natural vibrations of the body, to dress the well-being of the person and the environment.


When an architect decides to devote himself to his passions, it is because art, whatever its shape, is not only part of his work. It’s love. In my creations “love is for my land, its colors, its scents, the movements of the wind, the angry sea, the color of the sky, the life lived every moment”. In my jewelry there is the discovery of materials, the innovation of accessories, the harmony of forms and the taste for beauty.

esmeralda colucci divinazione

Obvious but silent, they are dedicated to women who fall in love with themselves every day.


Continually looking for new ideas Gerri Errico is a sensory stylist.

Multifaceted artist who immerses himself in a sacred and at the same time profane fashion, masterfully marrying an absolutely handmade balance.

Gerri Errico Divinatione

Embroideries, carvings and applications are its strengths for garments full of sacredness.

Unique and unrepeatable pieces exactly like his women who wear a dress made only for them to mirror their soul.


Born in Salento but a man of the world, he finds inspiration for his innovative brand in Peru.

Fascinated by the colors of the earth and people, he makes ponchos his stylistic must.

marco anastasia divinatione

Colored wools together with trimmings and fringes, become unique and timeless garments, in which her women wrap themselves to feel protected by these cloaks that recall the shamanic rites of South America. Marco lives and works in Lecce, currently the headquarters of the artists who choose Puglia to get inspired.

Fashion accessories and bijoux, the result of the guidelines Recycle, Reuse and Reinvent.

An invitation to reflect on the importance of granting a second chance to waste materials with careful craftsmanship give life to jewelry that celebrate the beauty of the Salento landscape.

miky bijoux

With the “La Favolosa” single earring, the artist wanted to evoke a particular species of olive tree immune to the xylella epidemic.


Pietro Paradiso likes to call himself an artist on loan on fashion.

Indifferent to the prêt-à-porter collections, he presents 15 works of art to be worn with respect for femininity.

Pietro Paradiso Divinatione

Creativity and tailoring are the strengths of the garments.

The designer’s kafthani must represent a message of unity of the peoples of the world.

Ancient hemp fabrics … old non-carded wool .. Indian shari and Japanese obi skilfully mixed together through a meditative creativity, make these works an object that in addition to being beautiful is good for the soul.


Vito Since 1993 he has actively participated in national and international exhibitions, obtaining significant recognition and positive acclaim from specialized critics.

vito gurrado divinatione

A multifaceted artist, as he likes to define himself (being a sculptor, painter and jewelry designer) he does not want to be placed in any artistic current, believing that art, in the purest sense of the term, should not be bound or conveyed under any “labeling”. Some of his works are part of important royal/private collections and museums, one of which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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