Excellence Magazine Luxury N. 23


The 23rd issue of our Magazine opens the new year with a cover that we especially love and that we have strongly wanted.

We have dedicated it to Roberto Bolle – it seems almost limiting to call him a dancer…his life is constantly evolving, always searching for excellence: a modern fairy tale that combines art, beauty, determination, commitment and passion into a true masterpiece.

Roberto Bolle

The President of the Alta Gamma Foundation, Matteo Lunelli, also President and CEO of Cantine Ferrari, tells us how luxury has become a driver for sustainability.

Luxury and Sustainability are also the subject of a Workshop carried out by Excellence Magazine in collaboration with the Bicocca University of Milan, which will take place in Dubai during the first weeks of EXPO 2020.

Extraordinary speakers, a partnership with Dubai University, and the common goal of spreading awareness and exchanging views to support the idea that sustainability creates value.

Raffaello Lo Sposalizio della Vergine

In this issue, we have focused on Raffaello, one of the greatest artists of the Italian Renaissance, whose art is celebrated with exhibitions all over the world on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of his death.


As always, we talk about fashion, dream destinations, jewelry, and we feature an exclusive interview with the Poet of Tango, Roberto Herrera, who opened his Academy at the Parenti Theater in Milan.

Roberto Herrera Laura Legazcue
Roberto Herrera Laura Legazcue

Enrico Bartolini, the most eclectic and innovative chef on the international gourmet scene with his eight Michelin stars, tells us how being passionate about his career is the secret of his success, together with planning, tenacity, and a team that works in perfect harmony.

These are just some anticipations of the contents of the new edition that opens the celebration of our 10 year anniversary!

Luigi Lauro

Luigi Lauro
Luigi Lauro
The Editor in Chief

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