The Metropolitan Museum in New York is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year


The Metropolitan Museum in New York is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year.

In the context of the celebrations of the important anniversary, an interesting project was launched to disseminate the video materials kept in the archive of the US institution.

Every Friday, throughout 2020, the museum will release a film online, on the website and on Instagram, using the hashtags #FromTheVaults and #FilmFriday. The vast archive, made up of films acquired or produced by the MET, includes over 1500 contents, which can be dated from 1920 to today.

On this page we offer you one of the recently published videos: a curious montage dedicated to cats. From ancient Chinese sculpture to Broadway stages, the figure of the domestic feline has always fascinated artists; this short documentary brings together images, archival films and comments on the topic released by curators and scholars.

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