Excellence Fashion Pills: Alberta Ferretti, Fred Perry x Raf Simons and Michael Kors


We are happy to announce our new Excellence Fashion Pills column – what is new in fashion, all packed in one piece. From Alberta Ferretti’s green collection to the Raf Simons x Fred Perry sporty luxury collaboration and Michael Kors’s global optimism, here is what springs has in store.

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Alberta Ferretti has fully embraced the green trend with a new capsule collection. Launched in collaboration with Eco-Age by Livia Firth, a champion of sustainable fashion, the line is called Love Me Starlight, has a low environmental impact, and reiterates the brand’s commitment to sustainability by building on a 2011 project – an eco-friendly range in partnership with Emma Watson.

This collection marks the beginning of a journey into sustainability and my little contribution, full of love and passion, as an ambassador of a new vision in the fashion system

With astrology as its leitmotif, the new capsule collection is available both in a daywear and eveningwear edition. Embroidered on the tops, the twelve zodiac signs come in Oeko-Tex certified fibers, including recycled cashmere and sustainable glass applications – all made possible by cutting-edge technical experiments in the processing of raw materials, and the reduced use of chemicals in manufacturing.

excellence magazine alberta ferretti love me starlight

Fred Perry’s sporty soul meets Raf Simons’s luxury chic attitude in a Spring Summer 2020 collection that highlights the latter’s research on youth subcultures between the ‘70s and the ‘90s. Punk is key to the range, just like the Youth Club Perseveration Programme archive: a project making the analogical digital, like pictures of fashion history from the past thirty years. Streetwear and underground echoes appear in the collection pieces, such as polo shirts, T-shirts, shirts, and blue, black and white oversized hoodies with photo prints of Gavin Watson. Fred Perry’s logo – the laurel wreath – gets revamped in silver for a brooch effect.

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Love only! This is Michael Kors’s call as the brand sets out to spread positive, optimistic messages through fashion for Spring-Summer 2020. Love is a universal language, capable of supporting inclusion and halting hate. The new cashmere sweaters from the Love Only Cashmere Intarsia Sweater collection become a statement, and the word “Love” in inlay block lettering is crossed out by a red line. Incidentally, love!

excellence magazine michael kors ss2020 love only

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