Fine dining at Michelin Starred Restaurants


Fine cuisine at Michelin starred restaurants is often expensive, but culinary experiences are always extraordinary.

The menus offered by luxury restaurants, paired with premium, selected wines, are often real tasting classes.

Here is our selection of some of the best luxury restaurants in the world.

Interior design at the Ithaa Undersea restaurant in the Maldives is exceptionally simple, with transparent panels offering a seamless 270° view of the sea. Guests are led across a wooden jetty to a tiny thatched pavilion, then down a dark, winding staircase.

ithaa restaurant interior design

Ithaa is essentially a small transparent box (9 meters in length and only 5 in width), and can accommodate up to 16 guests at a time. A few centimeters away from them, beyond the glass, there is fish in all possible colors and shapes. The luckiest guests might even spot a turtle, ray or shark. The whole 175-ton structure was originally built in Singapore in a few months, then carried by ship and placed on steel supports on the bottom of the sea. Maintenance is not easy – first, the glass needs cleaning every day. No doubt, a particularly impressive luxury restaurant.

ithaa restaurant interior design

Not only is this premium restaurant in Paris, but it is also located inside the Eiffel Tower. Service might not always be excellent, but the spectacular view and unique ambiance make for truly sensational experiences.

luxurious restaurants alain ducasse

Interior design was created in perfect harmony with Alain Ducasse’s natural cuisine, and his research of the perfect hospitality, extraordinary and intimate.

luxurious restaurants alain ducasse

SOLO PER DUE, or “Just for Two”, is the smallest restaurant in the world. It only counts one table, and can welcome two people at a time. It is naturally the perfect match for couples in love, or for private business lunches. Service is absolutely discreet, and servers only come at the ringing of a bell.

luxury restaurant solo per due

The building hosting SOLO PER DUE dates back to the 19th century, and is situated in an evocative historic location, which adds to the uniqueness of this luxury venue.

luxury interior design solo per due

About one hour from Amsterdam by train, splendid De Librije can be found in Zwolle. Once at the station, guests are met by a butler and showed to the elegant restaurant, located inside a 15th-century Dominican abbey.

librije luxury restaurant interior design

A unique experience to discover the food and wine love affair, the perfect ingredient for a premium menu.

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