Five Points collection, Gianfranco Ferré Home


Refined details, pure lines and sleek proportions for the Five Points collection: characterized by a contemporary design approach, it features an unprecedented combination of sophisticated and valuable materials, which perfectly expresses Gianfranco Ferré Home eclectic spirit.

The elegance given by the precious Brazilian tay wood acquires new shades and new meanings thanks to the smoky grey that lends the furnishings a metropolitan and unconventional twist. The special blend of natural wood, bronze finish and cloudy gray onyx features the front drawers and gives a dynamic and modern look to the furniture of the collection.

GFH inspiration Five points collection

The contrast between hardness of materials and softness of lines further enhances the doors, distinguished with a particular “soap” shape, obtained through a special processing that lends the wood a rounded, very soft and refined appearance.

GFH inspiration Five points collection

Sideboard, chest of drawers and TV unit that compose the Five Points line are elegantly elevated from the ground thanks to the bronzed finished base that defines the furnishings. The interior is characterized by shelves upholstered in black microfiber, while the handles, in black metal and brown leather, recall the shape of briefcases, confirming the business-oriented spirit of Gianfranco Ferré Home brand.

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